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(7) Private GRE Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Caldwell

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Math and Economics Tutor for you or your child

As a military spouse with tutoring experience I am well-suited for ASVAB preparation. I have experiene working with individuals from many different backgrounds. I understand the importance of scoring well on the ASVAB in order to land the job of your dreams in the military. Read more


Gifted Tutor - ACT/SAT/AFQT/ASVAB, All Math, K-12 Subjects, Basketball

It is incredibly rewarding to see students' confidence soar as they achieve academic and career goals. I love helping K-12, college, and career bound tutoring students achieve their dreams. I can't wait to help you! Why my rate is higher than the average tutor: - You'll see why ALL my tutor students agree I'm worth more! - I've been hired 100% of the time people interview me (no charge) - You learn more than double what you'd learn from others in my sessions - I assign homework to accelera... Read more


Positive, Encouraging Approach to Tutoring in English and Music

I am qualified to teach Algebra 1 and have recent tutoring experience in doing so. I studied algebra in high school and college and did extremely well in those classes. I am familiar with algebraic formulas involving polynomials, quadratic equations, and solving for multiple variables. I know how to solve problems with exponents, such as variables that are squared or cubed. I have experience with equations used in graphing on the X-Y axis. In fact, I enjoy solving math problems, including algebraic equations, and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for the subject with my students. I am also a patie Read more


Patient, articulate, effective, kind tutor, with a Ph.D. in Psych

My Ph.D. in clinical psychology and background working with individuals who have developmental disabilities prepare me well to tutor individuals who have symptoms related to Autism. Read more


Mr. Dan Math Tutor

I have over 30 years experience teaching High School Math. There are many different ways to teach a subject. Not all of them work with all students. If you teach a student how to learn and help them develop confidence in their ability to learn, then that student will grow academically. I have mostly taught at private schools, and do not have a Idaho teaching certificate but have passed the Praxis One and Praxis Two math test to show that I am highly qualified to teach Junior High and High S... Read more


Experienced educator/tutor in English,Humanities, ACT, Math, Science

Thank you for considering me as a future tutor for you or your son/daughter. I know that education is important to you, and you would like your son/daughter to succeed in school and beyond, or would like to succeed yourself. I'm here to help. When I was a kid, my aunt instilled in me a curiosity to learn and a sense of "wonder" about the world. I have taken that same curiosity into my own studies, teaching, and tutoring. Teaching: I taught for 8+ years at the college level at schools in Mi... Read more


Great opportunities to enhance knowledge and test-taking scores

I am a lifelong learner, teacher and education advocate. I have 50 years experience working with sciences, math, safety, reading/writing/grammar/spelling, business planning and environmental studies. I recently retired from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab's Molecular Foundry, a DOE nanotechnology research facility funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. I had an extensive career in semiconductor microelectronics and business operations for technical organizations in industry, academia and g... Read more

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