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Learn to speak French with a Native French speaker!

I have a Masters degree in Finance from the University of Lyon (France) and a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics and Social Sciences from the University of Toulon (France). I decided to quit my job after six years in investment banking and the energy market. I'm currently teaching French in a private school at the preschool, elementary and middle school levels. I am a proponent of immersion style lessons (90% of lesson in Target Language). I do believe that everyone has their own way... Read more

Teaches 1 subject


Experienced French teacher, for children and adults

I am Catherine, a French native, graduated from French National Education and Master degree in Management. Along 30 years in teaching and tutoring, I taught French at all levels from elementary to high school. I also tutored adults in private lectures. I adapt my tuition style to skill levels and maturity of the students. I can assess a level according to either the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or the French National Education system. I use the French education metho... Read more

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French Native fluent in French, Spanish, & English

I was born in Thailand, educated bilingually first in France and later in Washington D.C., I started learning Spanish when I was 14 years old. I later went on to major in Spanish at UNC-W. When I moved to Panama in 2007 where I lived for 6 years, I perfected my Spanish and became fluent. During this time, I did not neglect my French as I launched a business brokering agency with a partner from Belgium, so our daily interactions where in French. Although I do not have any mentor experi... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


French Teacher speaking another language here is your opportunite

I teach French, any level from kids, adults, business associates, nonprofit organization, or just for those who have passion of learning, do not hesitate to sign up for class I have very competitive prices, whether you want to do it online or face to face in your spare time, especially If you want it more accelerate. I can provide as much as information to get you ready to start right over, but I do want to let you know that, learning a new language it's a challenge to yourself, another wa... Read more


Serving to the core

I have been tutoring, teaching Bible studies and doing French interpreting/translating for over seven years (not counting the years of volunteering). As far as training is concerned, I have coached soccer for five years, then a basketball and fitness instructor for at least six years. Each of these subjects have one thing in common: you can find yourself belonging in a wide range of the spectrum. In other word, all mistakes are understood. After all, they're needed in order to detect the stre... Read more

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International American with strong EFL/ESOL, Spanish and French skills

I am a New Yorker who moved to Spain at 14 and fell in love with the country and language. I have a degree in Education and taught elementary school early on in my career before moving into business. I lived and worked in the UK and Europe for many years and have recently moved to Raleigh. About two years ago I went back to study teaching Teaching English as a Second Language and am now officially certified to do so. I did some tutoring in the UK before moving to Raleigh and since I arriv... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


No Substitute for Excellence!

With my academic education and professional training rooted in English and Applied Linguistics, I have received degrees from universities in Europe, Africa, and the United States of America. In fact, a Master's in English and Spanish Education (from Africa), another Master's in Applied Linguistics--with special reference to English Language Teaching (From England), a third Master's in Information and Communication Sciences (From Ball State University), and a PhD in English with focus on Appli... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


A passionate language tutor in Raleigh, NC. :)

Hello! I am a college tutor in Raleigh that focuses in Spanish, French, and Italian. I've tutored these subjects while I studied at Meredith College (for all four years!). I'm very passionate about languages and believe that they are very interesting and important to explore the world! I am CRLA certified (College Reading & Learning Association), which requires a semester long tutoring class. I have been studying French and Spanish for 7 years and Italian for 3. I have received numerous a... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


French teacher who knows her stuff.

Have you ever asked your French teacher a question and he or she just can't answer it? Have you ever found yourself trying and trying to just say that pesky French R? And why does "eau" sound like "o"? Well, to be honest, I have too. I've been in your shoes, learning French in high school, then college. I've had good teachers and bad ones. And all of this has helped to make me a better teacher. But more than just my own experience as a language learner is important. I've also taught s... Read more

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Elementary Language Arts and Math Tutor

I graduated from Slippery Rock University in 2007 with a B.A. in French and in 2008 with a B.S. in Elementary Education. I have taught Kindergarten and 3rd grade in Wake County, and currently teach 1st grade. I hope to meet you and work with you soon! :)... Read more

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