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An A+ Educator you can rely on for results

About me: I was an Academic Mentor at the Paul L. Foster Success Center at Baylor University in Texas until returning to Florida. I attend med school at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, FL and am enjoying my summer break relaxing and tutoring subjects I've mastered. About my methods: I believe that in order to aid each student's comprehension of the subject matter, the best way to proceed is by 1. Identifying the student's primary learning modality: how they learn. e.g. hearing, vi... Read more


Accepted to medical school and specializing in MCAT prep

I graduated with a Biomedical Science degree and am accepted to medical school for next year, so I thought it would be fun and rewarding to help other students succeed in my free time. I really enjoyed classes like Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, and the many subsets of Biology and would like to pass on the methods I found to be helpful to anyone who may be struggling. Whether you need help with conceptualizing, memorizing, or solving problems I have learned many systems for approaching thes... Read more

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Experienced Tutor, specializing in science and standardized testing

Hi, I'm Tim. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Electrical Engineering. After working for two years in the aerospace industry, I went back to school to become a doctor, and will be attending a US medical school in the fall. As such, I have had a wealth of experience in the academic fields of mathematics, engineering, chemistry, and biology. Having had longitudinal experience as a private tutor for years, for both high school and college students, teaching is a passion of mine. Pas... Read more

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