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Elite Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees, With 17 yrs Teaching

Having taught English, philosophy, and classics from 5th grade all the way through college, I am well prepared to help any student with their ACT Reading examination. I have perfect scores for such exams (including the GRE). The tricks to reading a passage and finding the information in the way that most of the standardized tests are looking for is one immediate way in which I can help a student. Understanding how to break down a passage so that you can construct the needed meaning from it for these exams is another. I enjoy such work and would be happy to help you get a better score on yo Read more


Anthropology, Science, Math, English

I recently completed a BA in Anthropology from SUNY Geneseo, and in the course of doing so I acted as a TA for an introductory anthropology course. Currently, I am part of the PhD program at SUNY Albany with a focus in physical anthropology and primatology. As part of the program, I am funded as a Teaching Assistant and have acted as a TA for two anthropology courses so far. Read more

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