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Passionate Educator With Diverse Background

I graduated cum laude from the University of Arizona Honors College with my Bachelor's in Anthropology and Molecular and Cellular Biology and a GPA of 3.52. Because of my dual degree, I have a wide range of educational experiences that I draw from. I found that the best classes were the ones where the professors were passionate and excited about what they were teaching, and I try to emulate that with my students. Currently, I am working in a high school and want to go into a career in seconda... Read more


Dynamic Teacher of American, European and World History & Prehistory

I am a long-time instructor and historical archaeologist with an anthropological perspective on U.S. and European History and related subjects, including World Prehistory and Geography. My emphasis is not on the memorization of facts and dates, but on the trends and currents of history with focus on cultural development and key events as reflected in material culture, the arts, as well as government and societal interactions. Typically, my instructional technique is participatory and informe... Read more


Multi-media college-level Spanish AND lots of real-world experience!

Hola, if you want to have a lot of fun with a multi-media approach to Spanish learning, look no more! Spanish is the main subject I tutor, because I especially love Spanish. My English writing and speaking skills are excellent also, since proofing, clear grammar, syntax, punctuation, and public speaking abilities are important in all languages. I have taught college Spanish in Spanish-only at the U. of California in Santa Cruz (UCSC), and I have taught 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grade bilingual cl... Read more


UCLA PhD Helps You Through

Hello! I have 12 years of experience as a professor and three years as a private tutor for special needs students from ages 15 to 25, as well as all kinds of students in college and high school. I can help you with your classwork, and I can help you get into college and grad school too! I'm best at helping students of all ages and abilities learn to write and speak English better, and to remember what they read. However, I have taught and tutored students in advanced science and psychology,... Read more


International Tutoring in English and Social Sciences

I love teaching, learning, and exchanging ideas with students, and I am here to help you. I recently retired from full time teaching at Kenai Peninsula College and University of Alaska Anchorage, where I taught anthropology courses for more than ten years, regularly teaching over twelve different courses at all undergraduate levels. I also taught anthropology as an adjunct professor at Oregon State University for ten years, combining teaching with a career in international work with nonprofit... Read more

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