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Archaeologist/Cultural Anthropologist for history/social sciences

Through student teaching along with seminar presentations and other scholastic appearances I covered subjects of anthropology including: southern Appalachian cultures, Cultures of Centeral and South American and Pre-European Native American Cultures. I specialized in Andean and Southeastern Native American studies. Read more


Masters Degree in Music Composition, Undergraduate in Guitar

I studied Anthropology for two years at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. I studied two semesters of Cultural Anthropology, and two semesters of Physical Anthropology. My studies at Reasons to Believe included a course on Evolution vs. Creation which continued and clarified some of the concepts I learned at UWM. I received an A in Cultural Anthropology 101, an A in Physical Anthropology 102, and Physical Anthropology 202. I received a B in Cultural Anthropology 201. In Physical Anthropology 202, we used a book by Theodusius Dobzansky on Genetics. We studied Mendelian Genetics in Physical Read more


Educator Who Helps Educate

I have several years of working with ADD/ADHD students in my classroom, and also have been trained in Students With Learning Disabilities as part of my counselor training, having counseled them and occasionally their parents in a non-classroom, counseling setting. It is important to maintain their focus, which means shorter lessons, perhaps, and also to follow all laws pertaining to ADD/ADHD students. Based on my training as a teacher and a counselor, I request to be certified in ADD/ADHD students. Thank you. Read more


Anthropology, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology -Experienced Tutor

My undergraduate degree was a BA in Anthropology with Highest Honors at UNC. I completed a rigorous program through the Anthropology department that included advanced theory and method classes. I continued work in the field of anthropology through my first year in a PhD program at UC-Santa Barbara. Read more

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Proven tutor in Biology, Statistics, Study Skills, Reading/Comp etc.

I am currently a senior at UNC-Charlotte with a 4.0 in my minor in Applied Anthropology with a concentration in linguistic ethnography. My courses include general anthropology, primate behavior, linguistic anthropology and ethnographic research. I also have a background in the biological sciences, and I currently run several labs in the health psychology research department. Read more

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