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(5) Private Anthropology Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Elmira

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Teaching Award Recipient Available for Tutoring!

I have studied anthropology extensively having written my thesis "Pottery, Politics and Trade Routes: Evaluating Late Classic Indepence in Jalieza, Oaxaca". I have also spoke at the annual American archaeology convention. Read more


Exp Uni/ HS Instructor tutoring Eng, SS, German, Writing

I have passed the Social Studies NES (Oregon State teacher's credential), which credentials me as Highly Qualified by the Oregon Department of Education, and currently teach American History at the high school level at a public charter high school in Eugene, Oregon. Read more


Dedicated English/Social Studies Tutor in Greater Cincinnati

I have a strong background in history and can help struggling students identify the major trends in the US from 1607 to present. I can also assist students who are poor in date/name recall in deciphering which facts need to be memorized, and tips on how to do that. Read more


Experienced Linguistics and Anthro Tutorer

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology from Western Washington University. My degree covered the four primary sub-fields of anthropology, which include archaeology, cultural, biological, and linguistic anthropology. Although my tutoring experience is more geared towards linguistics, I still have the ability to apply that experience to anthropology as well. Read more


Dynamic Interculturalist: Writing, Speech, Marketing, Anthro, Culture

I have a Master of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Oregon -- 2001. I have practiced as an applied anthropologists (in business, marketing, teaching/training and cultural competence) for over a decade. Read more

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