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Grad Student Tutoring Math, Science, MCAT, GRE, SAT, ACT

Hello! My name is Andrew, and I am a graduate student on the medical track with seven years of teaching and private tutoring experience. Having recently graduated from Stony Brook University (as a Biology Major with a specialty in Developmental Genetics), I have a fresh and comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of subjects, especially in the fields of Science and Math. In addition to being appointed Dean's List for six semesters, I have earned a position in the Order of Omega Honors Society... Read more


Let's Be Better!

I am an educator with nearly 10 years of classroom experience. I have a special education teaching background, therefore, I have often taught students in small groups and one on one settings. I currently teach 7th Math Common Core, but I've taught 6th and 7th Grade Math for 7 years. I have also taught 6th and 7th grade Social Studies. What I love about tutoring is the opportunity to work with a student individually and be able to have a positive impact on their learning. My experience teachin... Read more


Experienced Chemistry Teacher

Hello! My name is Abiola and I have a Ph.D. in chemistry. My passions are education and getting students interested in the sciences. I have taught general chemistry for roughly 5.5 years at a college level. I enjoy assisting students with understanding the basic fundamental principles of chemistry. My priority is make sure students grasp concepts, regardless of their prior experience with chemistry. I incorporate techniques that engage and stimulate the students. Also, I present material ... Read more


10+ Years Experience Tutoring English/Math/French and Other Subjects

Hi, I'm Nakita and I've been tutoring since middle school as a peer tutor. I have since then tutored youth in high school and throughout college, totaling little over 10 years of tutoring experience. I have worked mainly with elementary and middle school students, specifically in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, focusing on reading, writing, pre-algebra, algebra, and French. I have taught groups of up to four students, but prefer to work one-on-one with students for maximum progres... Read more


Experienced High School Tutor Specializing in Algebra 1 and 2

I’m Del, I recently graduated with my Master of Science In Teaching with a 4.0 gpa from a 4 year University. I also hold an MBA and a Bachelor of Science degree. I was a Division II athlete who played basketball and soccer while maintain a 3.5 gpa. As a student athlete I had my teachers and professors to thank, for keeping me stay on track academically, they supported me with informative and enjoyable lessons that kept me engaged and wanting to learn more. As the years went on, I put every e... Read more


I'm a highly experienced tutor I have worked with over 100 students

I am a highly experienced tutor. I have been tutoring students for over 10 years in many different subjects. I am very familiar with common core, and I have worked with over 100 students. I have many references available. I have a location in Queens and Manhattan. Read more


Pre-k to 8th-grade tutoring

I have always helped kids with homework since I was a kid myself. In 8th grade my community service hours were spent tutoring children at my school. After that I continued tutoring my friends sisters, brothers, and cousins, all of which were in elementary school. Every year the children passed their grade level and proceeded to the next grade. I help children improve their studying skills, test-taking skills, homework skills, along with time management. I teach children how to work in a timel... Read more


Experienced Bilingual Tutor

I´m an experienced tutor. Tutoring is something I have enjoyed doing since I was in college. I've tutored over 100 people in algebra, calculus, business and Spanish. I've also been a university teacher for more than 10 years. I have the experience, as well as the spirit, to tutor and help you to succeed. My classes are tailored to your needs and interests, whether it is business, tourism, culture or a deeper understanding of conversation or writing. My classes are dynamic, based on dail... Read more


Stella' s Tutoring

There is a quote I have come to admire, purpose to live by, and apply to my teaching; the quote is "I come not to seek yours, but you." Seems like an odd mantra doesn't it, for a teacher at least, but I believe it is perfectly fitting. As a teacher I have one objective, and that is to better my students. For me, this quote implies that I am not after what my students can do for me, but what I as an educator can do for my students. I am not after looking like the best teacher, or my own person... Read more


Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science Tutor

I am a NYS certified Chemistry and Biology teacher. I've been tutoring for 3 years. What I love about tutoring is working 1-on-1 with students and passing on my love of and enthusiasm for Science. I specialize in Regents Chemistry, Biology and, Earth Science; AP Chemistry and Biology, and; Intro-level College Chemistry and Biology. One thing that I am able to do through tutoring is to break down complex processes and equations in order to explain them to my students and enhance their u... Read more

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