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15 years teaching experience in all social studies

I have taught in middle and high school for 15 years in Maine, New Hampshire and now Florida. I am currently teaching middle school U.S. History and Civics. I also have taught test taking strategies, study skills and social personal skills at the middle and high school level. Archeology was my first major in college, but graduated with it as a minor, after changing my major to history. Archeology was my first passion in the field of history and I am planning an elective course on the subje... Read more


Certified Teacher, Librarian, Published Writer, Book Award Judge

Attention deficit disorder and attention hyperactivity deficit disorder are psychological behavior disorders which can be found in children and adults who probably had the disorder when they were children. They manifest in people who have trouble focusing on projects, are easily distracted, and impulsive. They need to be treated by lifestyle changes, behavior modification, counseling, and sometimes medication such as Ritilin. ADD and ADHD are found in more boys than girls. I have worked with several ADD/ADHD students, and I found that when parents have strict schedules for their kids such Read more

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