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How to learn Farsi

I was a teacher in Iran and I taught 17 years in schools. I love teaching so I use every method that helps students. As you know teaching is an art so a teacher first should know the student and his/her needs, then teacher can use methods that's proper for that student. Each student needs special kinds of methods. I can help students to learn how to speak, read and write in Farsi.... Read more

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I am a professional translator/interpreter with teaching skills

I have been active in the field of linguistics for the last six years or so. I have worked for many organizations and have developed a set of effective methods to teach languages, particularly Persian and Dari for those learning it as their second language. I have taught military and civilian contractors in various locations on generic or subject-specific fields. I am dedicated and very patient when it comes to teaching. I have over six years of experience translating English to Farsi and F... Read more

Teaches 1 subject


Engineering PhD Tutor with 10+ Years Tutoring Experience

I am a Ph.D. qualified candidate in Civil Engineering at the George Washington Unversity (GWU). I have been continuously tutoring math and science courses at graduate, undergraduate, college, high school and elementary school level for the last 11 years as a private tutor and also a tutor employee at the George Washington University. My students' age ranged from 15 years old teenager in high school to 55 years old NASA employee. My teaching philosophy is based on simplifying of complicate... Read more

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