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Proven tutor in Biology, Statistics, Study Skills, Reading/Comp etc.

I am currently a senior at UNC-Charlotte with a 4.0 in my minor in Applied Anthropology with a concentration in linguistic ethnography. My courses include general anthropology, primate behavior, linguistic anthropology and ethnographic research. I also have a background in the biological sciences, and I currently run several labs in the health psychology research department. Read more


Anthropology, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology -Experienced Tutor

My undergraduate degree was a BA in Anthropology with Highest Honors at UNC. I completed a rigorous program through the Anthropology department that included advanced theory and method classes. I continued work in the field of anthropology through my first year in a PhD program at UC-Santa Barbara. Read more

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Educator Who Helps Educate

I have several years of working with ADD/ADHD students in my classroom, and also have been trained in Students With Learning Disabilities as part of my counselor training, having counseled them and occasionally their parents in a non-classroom, counseling setting. It is important to maintain their focus, which means shorter lessons, perhaps, and also to follow all laws pertaining to ADD/ADHD students. Based on my training as a teacher and a counselor, I request to be certified in ADD/ADHD students. Thank you. Read more


Archaeologist/Cultural Anthropologist for history/social sciences

Through student teaching along with seminar presentations and other scholastic appearances I covered subjects of anthropology including: southern Appalachian cultures, Cultures of Centeral and South American and Pre-European Native American Cultures. I specialized in Andean and Southeastern Native American studies. Read more


Masters Degree in Music Composition, Undergraduate in Guitar

I studied Anthropology for two years at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. I studied two semesters of Cultural Anthropology, and two semesters of Physical Anthropology. My studies at Reasons to Believe included a course on Evolution vs. Creation which continued and clarified some of the concepts I learned at UWM. I received an A in Cultural Anthropology 101, an A in Physical Anthropology 102, and Physical Anthropology 202. I received a B in Cultural Anthropology 201. In Physical Anthropology 202, we used a book by Theodusius Dobzansky on Genetics. We studied Mendelian Genetics in Physical Read more


I am a dedicated & experienced scholar passionate about teaching.

I completed my degree in Political Science and International Studies with a minor in Russian and in the course of this study experienced many classes and extensive experience with anthropology. My senior Thesis, "Mapping Peace Processes in the Former Yugoslavia" won the Atkins Library Undergraduate Research Award in April of 2015. In April 2014, my research, "Education Access and Equity in Urban Schools: A Focus on Course Enrollment Trends in K-12 Settings" was awarded First Place in the Education Department for the Undergraduate Research Conference Department Awards. My studies in Bosnia in t Read more

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