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Anthropologist with experience teaching ESL in Japan

I have both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in anthropology. I have also acted as an undergraduate teaching assistant in anthropology, tutoring students and leading study sessions. Read more


Ivy League Graduate with Master's in Educational Psychology

As a doctoral student in Psychology, I have taken five courses in anthropology, as well as conducted both independent and supervised ethnographic research. I am conversant with the major theories and methodologies that found the discipline. I have presented four conference papers on the topic, as well as published in peer-reviewed journals on the relationship between contemporary psychoanalytic methods and ethnographic work. My dissertation is an ethnographic study of three social activist efforts in Austin, Texas. I have taught and tutored students in anthropology for over five years. Read more


Trumpet, Guitar, Latin/Middle Eastern Music, Research and Writing

I have a degree in ethnomusicology, which is musical anthropology. I have studied folklore and cultural policy as it relates to Costa Rican swing criollo. I have worked as a Teaching Assistant to students at the University of Texas in this subject. Read more


Bethany Y.- English, writing, Social Studies, Humanities,

My Master's thesis was focused on early Native American literature and the publication process in the 1800s and 1900s. In the course of the research for this project, I studied anthropological processes, ethics, and research. I read the work of important anthropologists and studied the impact on continuing cultures. Read more


Sciences, Reading/Writing, and Video Production

I received a B.A. in Anthropology from Arizona State University in the spring of 2010. I feel that ASU's program requirements, which focus on the four subfields of anthropology (archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, and linguistics), were very thorough. A requirement for the degree was also two years of foreign language. I chose Mandarin Chinese, for which I studied (along with Chinese Archaeology and History) in Sichuan province, China through Sichuan University in Chengdu. Read more


English, Literature, World History, Foreign Language, Math

I took AP English in High School and got a 4/5 on the AP Exam. I scored in the 99% for ACT English. I also have several graduate degrees that focused on a mastery of the English language. Read more


Ph.D., Former Professor

I hold a BA, MA, and Ph.D. in Anthropology. I have taught it at The University of Texas at Austin and Monmouth College. My specialties are in cultural and linguistic anthropology, but also have experience in archaeology. Read more

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