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Do you need help will all things anthropology? Then I am your man.

I am currently finishing my junior year of college at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD. I have been tutoring anthropology at my school since the start of my sophomore year. I can tutor all core anthropology classes and have a focus in study of the cultures of the Americas. I have found success in tutoring by addressing specific problems that students have in their studies or with the subject matter and getting to know the student personally. Read more

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Patient tutor: experienced with math, adept at other subjects

After taking Algebra I in 7th grade, I proceeded on an accelerated course of math learning, including taking calculus as a high school sophomore. Knowing the materials in Algebra I for so many years, as well as knowing what the most important topics are for future learning, I have been able to tutor other students over the years. Algebra I is an important stepping stone to developing essential math skills. Read more

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