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Effective Ivy League history and English tutor

I have a bachelor's degree in anthropology. The degree was comprehensive and included classes in linguistics, sociocultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and archaeology. I also spent a summer in South Africa with a biological anthropology field school. There, I learned primate population and vegetation survey techniques. Read more


I will not help students cheat (why my rating is low).

BIOL 504 Gross Anatomy- A- BIO 346 Comparative Primate Anatomy- A BIO 347 Osteology - A ANTH 540 Osteology- A Teaching assistant for Comparative Primate Anatomy - 1 year Teaching assistant for Undergraduate Osteology- 2 years Teaching assistant for Graduate Osteology- 1 year Read more


Lori - Psych Statistics/Psychology tutor/SPSS

I have tutored children with ADHD. I am also a psychology major who has taken abnormal and introductory psychology. In these courses I learned about ADD/ADHD and how to help students cope. One of my students got his highest scores on a report card after tutoring him over the summer. Read more


Successful R&D business owner wants to mentor others

I have ADHD, and I have successfully worked with it my entire life without medication. My method is simple: I help the student get some energy out with yoga, dancing, martial arts, or just plain running for a bit before we sit down for a lesson. Then, every so often when their attention starts to wane, we do a few stretches before we sit down to work again. I also integrate as many hands-on activities that work off their own interests to keep them fully engaged in the activity and topic. Read more

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