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Kari S. tutoring elementary, middle school, and high school students

I have a bachelor's degree in anthropology from Tulane University. I have studied all four fields of anthropology, with a focus in cultural and linguistic anthropology. I have written numerous papers on various anthropological topics, conducted field research, and given several presentations. Read more


Private and Group Tutoring and Test Prep - 6th grade through Adult

I am a teacher, certified in Secondary English, and have taught and provided tutoring in ACT prep - both ACT English and ACT Reading. In addition to individual tutoring for ACT prep, I have also done small group ACT prep, which has also been quite effective. In ACT English, small group work can be particularly effective. It can provide cost savings for all students in the group, while still providing professional guidance and support. Moreover, students can continue to “tutor each other” even after the professionally guided tutoring group work is over. Read more


Professional Tutor for Math, Science, French (5+ Years Experience)

I am an International Studies graduate. I have taken many college level anthropology classes. The classes include: America as a Foreign Culture, Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism and etc. I have a good anthropology base from other liberal arts courses I have taken. I have grades of A in all anthropology classes I have taken. Read more


Recent DMD for all subjects

I took anatomy and physiology in college and dental school. In college, I dissected various animals. In college I dissected a human down to the pelvic region. Read more


Rachel Middle/High School Math and Science

I graduated cum laude from Tulane University in May of 2013 with a double major in Psychology and Anthropology. This means that I took a variety of classes in the four fields of Anthropology: Physical, linguistics, archaeology and cultural. While my concentration was physical anthropology, I have a great deal of experience in the other fields as well. Read more

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