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Juliane B. - USC Grad Student

I have a BA in Anthropology and just finished my first year in a graduate program for Linguistic Anthropology. Cross trained in all four fields with 1 year of experiencing teaching an introductory course in cultural anthropology. Read more


Shane- Brown University PhD Student

My work includes massive amounts of anthropological theory as I study the past of humanity. In addition, I have multiple season of archaeological experience, and am on staff for two archaeological excavations in Israel. Archaeology is a sub-discipline of Anthropology. I have a Masters of Theological Studies in Hebrew Bible from Emory University and a Masters of Bible and the Ancient Near East from Brandeis University. I am currently enrolled in the PhD program in Hebrew Bible at Brown University. Read more


Experienced Elementary English Teacher and Professional Writer

I minored in Anthropology during my undergraduate study at Wheaton College where I graduated cum laude. I intended to add anthropology as a double major but would have had to extend my college career to do so. I did earn the minor and completed over 25 course hours to do so. I was also accepted into a Master's program in Cultural Anthropology at North Carolina State University, although I did not attend. Read more


Certified SC Teacher - Religion, Humanities, & Music

As part of my Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies I have taken three graduate level courses in Anthropology. These focus primarily on linguistics and gender. Also, as part of my approaches to the study of religions class we incorporated many anthropological methods. Read more

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