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(3) Private Anthropology Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Lubbock

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Essay Writing, Proof Reading, Political Science and Test Prep

I have experience in writing and editing at a professional level as well as experience tutoring students for this exam. Read more


Very Patient History Tutor

I have a BA in History from Texas Tech University. This was my main area of interest in history for many years. I studied it diligently and never made anything but an A in my life in American History courses. I will have to refresh on my more modern American History such as the 1980s but other than that I can help you. Read more


Master's Candidate Specializing in Anthropology

I have my Bachelor's degree from University of Michigan in Anthropology, and have finished all the coursework for my M.A. in Anthropology at Texas Tech University. I taught an undergraduate lab course for the past year and tutored as an undergrad. Read more

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