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Science, History, Reading, Writing, Study Skills.

I have BA in Anthropology from Indiana University. I graduated in the to 10% of my class. I also headed up the Anthropology club in college. This clubs major outreach was to help other students understand and practice anthropology in college. I also was a TA to the chair of the Anthropology department at IUPUI. So, I am familiar with helping adult students understand anthropological concepts and practices. Read more


History in the making - History, Geography, Anthropology

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Winthrop University in History with a minor in Anthropology, concentrating in US, Latin American, and Art History. I am also proficient in Geography and World History. Read more


Nathaniel W. Your Practical Tutor

The ACT English Test, though somewhat similar to the SAT English Test, has a number of unique characteristics. The main emphasis is on editing skills. The most heavily tested concepts are commas, apostrophes and strategy questions. While I know that the Barron's Guide emphasizes these three areas, my experience in the Fairfax County Public Schools has been that students struggle to actually comprehend passages because they are so bent on answering the test question first they spend needless time searching for the answer in the passage without even first understanding the passage. It's far Read more


Skilled, patient and experienced tutor

I have extensive training in ADHD coaching and life coaching from the ADD Coaching Academy. I also have many years working with students with ADHD and am able to help them utilize their strengths to pursue their goals and dreams. Read more


History, Public Policy, Geography and Criminal Justice

I took several anthropology classes as an undergraduate. I teach Ancient World History. Anthropology is part of the World History I curriculum. Read more


Science PhD, Teacher, and Coach in NOVA

I scored an 800 on my math SATs. I have since taken several courses in calculus statistics and use math and statistics to analyze my research. Read more


College Professor with Extensive Tutoring Experience

Throughout my years of teaching and tutoring, I have worked with several students with ADD/ADHD. I can tailor my sessions to a student's strengths - for example, incorporating variety and hands-on activities whenever possible. I also help uncover motivational concerns, provide organizational skills. No two students with ADD/ADHD are alike; I have a positive attitude and I'm open to new techniques. Read more


Certified veteran SAT Reading/Latin/Greek teacher, guaranteed results

My work in history, English, art history, humanities, and science, and in anthropology/sociology allow me the basic information to understand the progression of humankind, types of anthropology, theoretical knowledge, etc. Read more

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