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Tulane PhD Student for Math and Statistics Tutoring

Differential equations focuses on the calculus of several variables. There is a heavy emphasis on techniques and examples. Topics covered in this course include power series solutions, linear systems, matrix methods, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, partial differential equations, Fourier series, heat equation, wave equation, and Laplace transforms. I received an A in differential equations as an undergraduate and occasionally apply differential equations to my current work as a graduate assistant. Read more


Johns Hopkins Graduate and Current Math Teacher

I love tutoring and teaching! I am a middle school math teacher in New Orleans working with special needs students. I have tutored all grade levels as well as taught college test prep courses. I am an expert in common core and SAT and ACT! I also love to read and write and would be happy to help others achieve their goals in any field! I am very flexible and happy to work on whatever schedule is best for you. I love helping people grow and gain confidence! I studied economics, finance, and m... Read more

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