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(22) Private Algebra 1 Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Paint Rock

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Math Help and Test Prep with a National Merit Scholar!

I am a student with a desire to help others like me. After ten years of homeschooling, I’m now a dual-enrolled high school senior at Calhoun Community College. The logic and beauty of math has always had me fascinated; I was begging my dad for algebra problems as early as elementary school. Math is all about gaining a firm understanding at each step along the way, and math classes tend to breeze through concepts leaving many students behind. I’m here to give you the one-on-one attention you n... Read more


Serious Math and High School Physics Tutoring - - Experienced!

I had the pleasure of working with a student who was trying to improve their math reasoning for the ASVAB during the fall of 2012. Now I know! I know some nifty pointers that can possibly straighten out lots of the math problems on the ASVAB -- and I'd be happy to help! Read more


Algebra, General Science

I believe the key to success when studying math and science is not mere memorization but in understanding. Simply memorizing steps will be of little help to a student if a test contains questions in a form that they've never seen before, and will be of even less help when a student takes Algebra II (for example) when he or she didn't fully understand Algebra I. In working with students, I begin by having them explain to me the areas of a subject with which they are having difficulty and w... Read more


Certified Professional Life Coach specializing in Academics and ADHD

I recently completed an Ed.S. at Liberty University. My research interests included ADD/ADHD, Talented and Gifted Learners, and Adult and Returning Learners. In addition to my academic credentials, I am also a mother of two special needs children. Read more


Math / Engineering Tutor

I am currently a Ph.D Mechanical Engineering student at UAH. Prior to that I worked at Boeing for 5 years in both Huntsville and St. Louis. I have always helped and worked with other students on homework and studying during my career and have seen the importance of understanding math and science in an industry job. It is always a pleasure to see when someone finally understands the problem that they have the confidence to solve a similar problem without assistance. I believe I am an excep... Read more


Retired Software Developer Tutoring Math, Computer, and MS Office

I would like to tutor either a single learner or a small group of students. But first, please allow me to tell you about my very strong Mathematics, computer, Microsoft Office, and educational background. In 1998, I obtained my PhD in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. Five years ago, I retired after 36 years as a Software Developer. During that time, I designed, built, delivered, and supported over 20 large software systems utilizing Fortran, Assembly Language, Pascal, Perl, SQL... Read more


Enthusiastic (Previous) University Supplemental Instructor

Hi, my name is Laikin (pronounced "Lake-in"). I am a current graduate student at AAMU earning a Master of Science in Communication Science and Disorders. I recently graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science from Middle Tennessee State University (GPA 3.88 with honors) in 2016. During 2017 I spent a year teaching as a Supplemental Instructor for Human Anatomy and Physiology at Middle Tennessee State University. I also have pervious experience tutoring Algebra I for middle school stu... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Math, algebra, geometry

I have always wanted to be a teacher. I have worked with students of all ages. I believe that every child can learn, but children learn in their way at their own pace. Many students tend to be intimidated by math and I try to encourage confidence and a positive attitude towards math. I enjoy working with students on their mathematical journey. I specialize in elementary math, algebra, and geometry. I work to identify each student's mathematical strengths and weaknesses. I plan lessons that... Read more


tutoring of physics and math by CP

I have BA and MS in Physics and PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Earlier I did theoretical research in fluid mechanics and acoustics related to the NASA Microgravity Program. More recently I worked in the area of computational fluid mechanics, again related to the NASA Space program. Now I have just retired. I plan to spend my retirement time in something worthwhile, including helping students in math and physics. I had tutoring experience when I was in high school and university. ... Read more


Patient Biology/Chemistry/Math Tutor Kristine

Hi, I graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2012 with highest honors. Throughout my undergraduate career, I often worked with other students in a teaching capacity. I lead an ecology lab where I was in charge of teaching my fellow students about various ecology topics. I also worked as a teaching assistant for a high school summer biology program that was offered at my school. There I ran all of the labs for the students in microbiology/ecology/genetics and helped them underst... Read more

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