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Renaissance Woman Who Loves to Teach

I have a PhD in Demography and Anthropology, which includes graduate level courses in anthropology. I also have an MA in Anthropology. I have taught Anthropology at the university level for 10 years. Read more


Specialist in History, Social Studies, and Asian Studies

My focus in history is World History, but I have had ample opportunity to study American History. Having General American History in high school count as my college credit (via AP), I have been able to pursue specific periods of American History. I have had classes that focus on Virginia History, History of the Old South, Early America (U.S History from Colonial times to the early 1800s), and Early Republic (U.S. History 1789-1848). Additionally, I have taken Political Science classes, which focus on America: U.S. Government and State and Local Government (focus on Virginia). Lastly, this upco Read more


Experienced Educator Helping Students Succeed

I studied the anthropology of education at the University of Virginia. My coursework included many anthropology classes, including reading and evaluating the seminal works in anthropology. My dissertation was from an anthropological viewpoint and used anthropology research methods. I've taught a class explaining how anthropology can be used in studying child development and education. Read more

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