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Spanish Tutor, Anthropology and Psychology Tutor

I have played guitar for 10 years and have taught others how to play. I have a background with theory, improvisation, and song composition. My goal is to help the student learn guitar, develop the skills they need as musicians, and to use the guitar to create their own music and explore new ground as they let their musical potential come to light. Read more


Sociology and Anthropology

Welcome! I am currently an adjunct instructor of sociology and I also hold a BA in Anthropology. As a teacher or tutor, I enjoy helping students examine the anthropological study of different cultures, including ways of comparing and contrasting the structures of social relationships and belief systems that operate in different cultural settings . By helping students to understand the world views and belief systems of other cultures, they can better understand their own culture. Anthropology is a subject I feel passionate about and I would love to help students feel the same! Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Master's in English: ESL, Writing, Social Sciences, Culture, Art!

I received a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Barnard College, Columbia University. My MA degree is in English and transnational literature. Anthropology is a broad field so tutoring methods depend on the student's individual needs, but I can coach on all of the major anthropological paradigms and theorists. Read more


Charles, tutoring esl, anthropology, religion and culinary arts

I have a BA in both anthropology and religious studies. I am trained in the study of human/primate evolution and the links between evolution, culture, and human development. The development of humans is indeed complex, and requires knowledge of biological, historical, geographical, and social contexts. My focus is primarily in cultural anthropology, but I have studied the four primary disciplines of anthropology (archeology, biological anthropology, linguistics, cultural anthropology) extensively. I have done research at home as well as abroad in Ecuador, Thailand, and India. Read more


Experience with tutoring different learning styles K to 5th.

I took several college courses in physical and cultural anthropology. I considered selecting it as my Minor. With a 4.0 average, I provided paid tutoring to classmates. I am still current and passionate about new discoveries and subject literature. Read more


Patient and Experienced Tutor in Math and Sciences

I have just recently graduated from Michigan Technological University with a BS degree in Anthropology. I was the Anthropology club president and assisted with orienteering other students and giving advice throughout their anthropology courses. I have also attended two field schools in bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology, both being subfields of anthropology. Read more

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