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Math and Computer Whiz

Hello Students and Parents, I am very passionate about teaching and teaching methods. 'Learner' is one of my top five strengths according to Gallup's StrengthsFinder. (Google StrengthsFinder if you are curious to know what it is.) The 'Learner' theme explains that I am always drawn towards the learning process. I am not sure who I get this from. It may be because my mother was a teacher! Let me tell you when I started tutoring. I always mentored and tutored my roommates and classmates w... Read more

Teaches 6 subjects


Experience in all STEM subjects through college.

Hello, everybody. My name is Doug, I have a B.S. (Ohio State) and Master's (UT) in chemical engineering. I was a teaching assistant for many classes in graduate school and an undergraduate math TA at Ohio State. I've helped hundreds of kids work through hundreds of problems and I believe I can help you (or your student) develop a problem solving toolkit that will have spillover benefits in any STEM discipling. I want to benefit the students I work with as much as possible; therefor... Read more


North Austin Matlab, LabVIEW, and engineering math tutor

I tutor in various engineering subjects, especially the programming languages and tools frequently used by engineers. I do this because I really like it -- both the subjects and the tutoring. For years I used to teach and train others in different engineering subjects for UT Austin and for a biomedical engineering company, and these were great experiences. Now that I'm running my own education business, I want to stay connected to teaching in Austin. If you are looking for help getting t... Read more


Patient and knowledgeable Math and Physics Tutor

Since my first year in the high school, I always enjoyed explaining things to other people, this passion and love for teaching continue with me during my life in the faculty of science at Cairo University. During this period my colleagues always asked me to explain some part of the lecture or the lab they did not understand, which usually means that I am standing on the blackboard for at least two hours explaining and drawing on the board, but honestly, I enjoyed it. When I worked as a phys... Read more


Varun's Tutoring Service

My name is Varun, and I’m a fifth-year student at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a B.S. in both biomedical engineering and chemistry. I graduated from Westwood High School with suma cum laude honors in 2012. I have been an undergraduate researcher in the biomedical engineering department for the past five years. Tutoring Mantra: I completed the Kumon Math program before high school and am a firm believer in the method that was used there. It is important to master core fundamen... Read more

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