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Julie -Sociology-Math

As a Sociology major I have taken numerous Anthropology classes. In all of these classes I have earned at least a B or better. Lastly I have traveled abroad and experienced different cultures. I also taught my own Sociology class two summers ago and work great with students. Read more


Anthropology and History Tutor - Social Science

I have a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Chicago. I am Affiliate Faculty at Idaho State University. I have taught 18 different Anthropology courses at Idaho State University and the University of Chicago. I currently teach 2 Anthropology courses for Idaho State University. Read more


Spanish| Communication | Microsoft office| Adobe

I have an undergraduate degree in anthropology and sociology. Specializing in Latin America, I accented my degree with living in Guatemala for 2 years and writing my thesis on their civil war and how the migration has continued to affect the family life of many families. Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


History, English, Writing, and Arts Tutor

My undergraduate thesis research involved ethnographic fieldwork with a minority religious community in Uganda, while my Masters anthropology dissertation emphasized ethnographic research with American Civil War reenactors in the UK and the USA. Both my undergrad thesis and my masters dissertation received the highest honors awarded. Read more


Effective Tutor for Physical & Social Sciences and Math

I completed a BS degree in Anthropology in 1983 (Beloit College). I completed a MS degree in Ancient Studies in 1986 (University of Minnesota). My curriculum included Anthropology classes. I completed PhD degree in Ancient Studies in 1993 (University of Minnesota). My curriculum included Anthropology classes, and my PhD preliminary examinations and final dissertation defence included Anthropology methods, theory, and topics. Read more


Graduate Student Tutoring in Writing and the Social Sciences

I have earned my B.A. degree in Anthropology. I was taught in the four-field approach. This means that I am competent in the four major fields of anthropology which include: biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology and archaeology. I have written numerous research papers, done lab work and completed my archaeology field school. Read more


ESL, History, Political Science and French.

I have a BA in anthropology. I worked in the field as a prehistoric anthropologist from 1979 through 1981. I taught ninth grade social studies for fourteen years. This included six weeks of Anthropology. Read more

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