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Specializing in Literacy and Writing

I completed college coursework for proficiency in Adobe Dreamweaver (SLCC, 2007; Westminster College, 2010). In addition, I have utilized the Dreamweaver software to create a multitude of websites for personal, academic, and professional use throughout the past decade. I am confident in my ability to train anyone to use Dreamweaver to create vivid web pages with ease. Read more


Health, Psychology, Research Tutor

I earned my Master’s degree in school counseling in 2004 and have since worked in special education classroom settings and in psychosocial rehabilitation for the past five years. I have more than 10 years experience working with children, adolescents, and young adults with ADD/ADHD. In the last three years, I have written interventions to assist these individuals with sustaining attention and focus and develop skills to help achieve learning objectives. I believe these students face individual challenges and that to better help them with academics, you must understand how ADD/ADHD affe Read more


Patient and dedicated teacher/tutor for elementary subjects

I know different strategies and techniques to help with studying. I've not only learned study skills through my college courses, but can also apply study skills I personally practiced through my years in school. I had the opportunity in one class to research this topic and present ideas to the class. Read more


President of Westminster Swim Club

Planning a minor in anthropology at Westminster College, I have studied much about the main sections of anthropology, including linguistic, physical, and cultural anthropology. I also know a great deal about human evolution and archeology, which is also my personal favorite part of anthropology. I have excelled in my classes while conducting some of my own research and I have much to share about all fields in anthropology. Read more


Experienced, Licensed Math Teacher

I am currently a middle school math teacher and conduct a study hall every day for my students. During this study hall I am required to work with students in completing their homework and learning effective study habits to help them be successful. I also hold after school labs where I work one on one with students to accomplish their schoolwork. For these reasons I feel that I am highly qualified in this study skills section. Read more


English Tutor, specialty in reading and writing

I have taught high school English for many years. In addition, on Saturdays I taught classes on how to improve SAT scores. Finally, taught writing for more than a decade at the college level. Read more


M.S. in Organic Chemistry and experience in many other areas

I have had plenty of experience tutoring and teaching students of all levels. I substitute taught at the public school level after finishing my M.S. in organic chemistry briefly. Through my own public school experience I worked at a daycare center where I offered my services in assisting other peers and children with their homework, etc. Read more


Elementary Reading Tutor

I am level 1 Orton Gillingham trained. I have worked with We Read 1 as well as Wilson Reading for the last 4 years. I have worked as a reading aide in a First Grade class for the last 4 years. I was certified K-6 in Virginia and North Carolina. Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Tutor Specializing in Math, Physics, Study Skills & Test Prep

For ACT prep, it's ideal to meet once or twice a week for about 4-12 weeks to master the standardized test taking strategies that will maximize your score. We'll also review the concepts that are covered on the exam (algebra, geometry, trig) and go over practice problems from a variety of sources (Princeton Review, Kaplan, etc.). I will assign weekly practice problems to be completed in between our lessons. The number of weeks that we meet depends on your target score, the number of sections that we're covering, and how much ground we have to make up. Every student is unique, so it's my plea Read more


Tutor with a Master's degree in Environmental Science.

I completed 6 years of college which required excellent study skills. I have also been a teaching assistant for students with disabilities which included teaching them time management and study skills. As an undergraduate science teacher, a position I held for 3 years, I helped students learn the art of studying effectively beginning with investigating what kind of learners they were (visual or auditory). Read more

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