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(12) Private Anthropology Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Shippingport

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Tutoring in all social studies and English subjects and test prep

Anthropology is part of my North Carolina social studies certification. I had to complete anthropology course work to complete my undergraduate degree. Read more


PhD Student Tutor for Science, Social Science, Writing, and Math

My undergraduate degree is in Anthropology. I received a 4.0+ in my major. I have course work and field experience in archaeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology. Read more


Helpful PhD Student for Anatomy, Physiology, Physical Anthro

I teach cadaver-based anatomy at the University of Pittsburgh and have taught a similar course at Slippery Rock University for Physical therapy students. I have also taught undergraduate anatomy courses and introductory anthropology. Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


High School/ College English and Social Studies Tutor

I am a certified PA Secondary Education Social Studies teacher. This certification encompasses Anthropology. I also took anthropology in college. Read more


Passionate teacher versed in History, Business, Math and Science.

During my early teaching I taught a 12-week course on Anthropology. This course centered around cultural evolution and language development. The course also delved into other areas of anthropology including archeology and paleoanthropology. Read more


Liberal Arts and Humanities Tutor

I majored in Anthropology at Temple University, where I specialized in cultural and linguistic studies. I have participated in multiple fieldwork projects that involved participant observation as well as intensive research, questionnaires and interviews. My anthropological capstone was about the subculture of Bikram Yoga, specifically at a newly opened bikram studio in North Philadelphia where I took classes at least 3 times a week and interviewed fellow participants of all ages. Read more


John A.: World Religions, Philosophy, Writing, and Editing

I have a B.A. from Saint Vincent College in Anthropology, and I won the highest award in my major while attending school there. I also was president of the anthropology club at SVC, and I have traveled extensively to various cultures. Read more


Recent Pitt graduate looking to tutor!

I majored in Anthropology at University of Pittsburgh. My coursework in the major is extensive, I have taken the most basic classes, as well as more advanced ones such as bioarchaeology, human body and development, paleopathology and forensic anthropology. I feel confident in my abilities to tutor in this subject. Read more


Dr. Joel, University Professor: English, History, Writing

I teach multi-disciplinary undergraduate courses at the University of Pittsburgh and Chatham University, which frequently employ anthropological methods. My dissertation research relied substantially upon anthropological theories of migration and religious conversion. I have also completed an ethnographic study in conjunction with my graduate coursework in anthropology, for the course, "Ethnography of Religion." Read more


Applying Science to real life

I have passed my Algebra I and II courses at Point Park University and have education in Physics that is strong Algebra. With my help we can start with the basics and practice the methods and techniques to improve Algebra skills. Read more

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