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Recent Historical Archaeology MA Graduate With Work Experience

I have a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology from American University with a minor in History and a Master's degree in Historical Archaeology from Illinois State University. I received all A's in my coursework which included classes in all 4 subfields of anthropology including archaeology, linguistic anthropology, physical anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology, and in several different areas of history. I have educated others on these subjects as a crew chief and archaeological technician for culture resource management companies and as a historical archaeology research assistant in gradu Read more


Patient and knowledgeable tutor for an array of subjects

I majored in Anthropology and Sociology at Knox College. In addition, I completed a year long ethnographic research study my senior year of college. I have also traveled and spent time exposing myself to other cultures and religions. I lived in Brazil for most of a summer and in Jordan another summer. I have studied a diverse range of anthropological subjects from Human origins, to Ohio's archaeology, to cultural anthropology and much more. Read more


Food anthropologist and graduate student

I utilized InDesign to create templates for use in high school composite photos (i.e., images that have photos of students of a graduating class). I am also familiar with InDesign in the creation of yearbooks. In most cases, I have paired my use of InDesign with the editing capabilities of Photoshop. Read more


Japanese language, anthropology, and classics tutor

I spent four years studying Anthropology at Ohio University. I'm well versed in all fields of anthropology ranging from biological anthropology to ethnography. I have also spent time using my major in the real world collecting and correlating data for research. Read more


All Ages, English, History, Politics and Government

As part of my undergraduate degree in religious studies I was required to take anthropology courses. I studied biological anthropology, non-Western cultures/Anthropology 241, and archaeology, which is a sub-field of anthropology. I also pursued cultural anthropology studies in China for one semester. Read more

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