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A Teacher, Honors Student, & Someone Who Helps Bring the Best...

In my undergrad at the University of Houston Honors College I had 18 hours of Anthropology. I will never forget what I learned because the main professor taught all the classes and she had an insane amount of notes. I got all A's and because of her changed my Major to Psychology. I still read and follow journals and information geared to the anthropological aspect of study in our current culture. I used my ANTH classes in Conjunction with PSYC during my Thesis: Prognostications of Student Self-Efficacy Regarding Extra Curricular Activities (Basically does being in extra-curricular activities a Read more


Certified and Experienced Teacher Available for Private Tutoring

My undergraduate major is in Social Studies Education (Secondary) and I have a Professional Educator's Certificate in Social Science through the Florida Department of Education, which covers anthropology. I helped start and facilitate the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme's social and cultural anthropology class in Kathmandu, Nepal, which was my favorite course taught to date. Read more

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