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Education Re-Charged: Learning with a Yale Graduate

I have a M.A. from Yale University in African Studies. While at Yale, I had to take numerous Anthropology classes, as well as teach History as a Teaching Assistant. In order to do independent research for my Master's thesis ('Crisis of Imagination in Mugabe's Zimbabwe'), I had to read many books by anthropologists and use their research methods (since anthropology as a discipline was born during research expeditions in Africa and South America). I also hold a B.A. in English from Rice University which required me to take Critical Theory courses, including Anthropology. Read more


UCLA PhD Helps You Write Rings Around Papers and Applications

I am a Ph.D. in anthropology with a degree from UCLA; I also carry master's and bachelor's degrees in the subject. My dissertation was about aesthetic preferences among 64 middle-class families in Lima, Peru, and Los Angeles, California. I used quantitative and qualitative methods to gather and analyze my data. I have taught university-level anthropology courses at three colleges, totaling seven years of experience (most recently in 2012). I have published two peer-reviewed articles on my research, have two more in the works, and edit two peer-reviewed journals (Anthropology Now and Teachers Read more


College Instructor and tutor in Humanities

I received a bachelors degree in Anthropology from Cal State U., Long Beach. My focus in this area is cultural development and interaction. General lessons in Anthropology will focus on research and critical discussion of one or more cultures. Read more


Multi-media college-level Spanish instructor - business Spanish coach

Reading for content and nuance and making inferences, and of course spelling, and understanding grammar and punctuation (which can make all the difference!! For example: The cowboy eats, shoots and leaves. vs The panda eats shoots and leaves. Read more


Math, Reading, and Writing - Experienced Middle/High School Tutor

During college, I volunteered at a high school as an algebra classroom assistant, explaining concepts and working through problems with students. In my post-college job as a full-time tutor, I helped middle school students as they were being introduced to algebra concepts in their classes. Read more

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