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Doctor in the making...

In high school, I was not the best with Algebra. I was not confident with Math and now they were adding letters? In college I took an intro to Algebra class that helped me better understand Algebra concepts. I did well in that class and ended up with a 100 on the final exam. In my experience, it takes repetition and recognition to be successful in Algebra. I have since taken a college level Algebra class and excelled in that class as well. Read more


Experienced Home Tutor

Although I have not taken any courses in ADD/ADHD, I have a lot of personal experience teaching Homebound Students (2010-2014) with a variety of disabilities, including but not limited to ADD/ADHD, sluggish cognitive tempo, dyslexia, math confusion, panic disorder, borderline personality disorder, anxiety issues. etc. As a very patient individual who is good in stress situations, I am a natural in dealing with a wide range of student disabilities--including physical handicaps like impaired sight and hearing. Read more


Keys to Chemistry, Calculus, Literature and More

Introduction to the basics of symbolic representation and manipulation of variables. Liberal use of concrete examples. May require review of arithmetic concepts, including fractions and decimals. I can provide that. Read more


PhD Educated RN - Nursing, Health Science, & Research Expertise

The research that I focused on for my PhD utilized a number of anthropologic theories and research methods. I have taken 4 graduate level classes in anthropology. I have also guest lectured in 7 graduate level anthropology classes. Read more


Science, social studies, language arts! See Mr. Mike!

Anthropology major and history minor at the University of Delaware. I also took AP US history back in high school. I am extremely confident in my American history knowledge! Read more

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