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Teacher of ESL, Elementary Subjects, History, Social Studies, TOEFL

I majored in Anthropology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I took many different courses in the subfields of anthropology (cultural, physical and archaeology). I maintained a GPA over 3.0 in Anthropology. Read more


History, Public Policy, Geography and Criminal Justice

I took several anthropology classes as an undergraduate. I teach Ancient World History. Anthropology is part of the World History I curriculum. Read more


Doctoral Candidate With a Passion For Tutoring

I took several courses in Anthropology as an Undergrad at Mary Baldwin College and at one point was my major. I believe that through my higher education, I have obtained a wealth of knowledge pertaining to but not limited to cultures other than the American Culture. For instance, it is not proper to make direct eye contact when communicating with someone from Asian cultures it is a sign of disrespect. Whereas making eye contact with Latin Cultures is a sign of flirting. Read more

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