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The Tutor for All Your Needs

I have been playing piano for the past 17 years and play at a very high level. I can tutor students on proper technique, musicality, reading music, and coach them through how to practice the piano in order to be successful. This is done in a way that is individualized for the student and their level of music/piano ability. Read more


Nursing tutor for RNs and LPNs

As an RN of over 35 years experience, I have found that communication is of paramount importance, including instructing nurses and potential nurses. I firmly believe there is no such thing as a "stupid question"--the only thing that IS stupid, is the questions that ISN'T asked. I have a BSN and an MSN in Nursing Informatics, but I began my career as an AD RN. I am a holistic nurse and have worked in all areas of nursing and in a variety of settings and states. I can offer a nervous exam... Read more


Tutor- Specialties in Mathematics and French Language

I'm a recent graduate of Cornell University in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. I graduated as an Applied Economics and Management major, with a concentration in International Trade and Finance and a minor in French Language. I have studied the french language for almost 10 years now, and studied abroad in Paris for a semester. I was a teaching assistant for both oral communications and Financial accounting at school. I ran for the Cornell women's track team as a distance runne... Read more


Recent Masters Grad looking for SPED and Elementary Tutoring Positions

I hold a master's degree from Hofstra University in Elementary Inclusive Special Education. Classes applicable to my qualification to teach individuals with ADD/ADHD include Introduction to Special Education, Education of Students with Learning Disabilities and Other Conditions, Curriculum and Methods for Students with Diverse Learning Needs, and Creating Effective Learning Communities. My student teaching experience further included working in a self-contained classroom where some of the students had attention and behavior deficits. Read more


Historian/Grammarian for hire

In addition to my academic credentials and the high level of comprehension they represent I have made a living interpreting facts and evidence and communicating the information to others as a broadcaster, reporter and preservationist. I read and write for my own enjoyment and delight in helping others doing so. Read more


Experienced Writer, Editor, SAT Coach and Teacher Can Help You

I've been helping people to become better writers and speakers for more than 40 years. My approach is more like coaching than lecturing, and my goal is that all of my students will be successful. I believe that good teachers have a sense of humor,and I know that making mistakes is part of learning. I have more than 25 years of experience of teaching on the college level in addition to a career in daily newspapers and as a successful freelance writer. My writing has won several awards in peer-... Read more


Experience English Teacher

Hello, my name is Yvette H. I am an English teacher with 14 years of experience with a Masters in Educational Leadership; four of those 14 years I had the opportunity to work with Rutgers University to provide assistance to an inner city charter school. Moreover, I have acted as a direct supervisor to a staff of about twenty teachers. I have developed curriculum for grades 7-12 per the Common Core Curriculum Standards, wrote a proposal and implemented a writing lab for a high school learning... Read more


Book-author, high-level scholar lit., art. All levels.

I have been a Visiting Professor at the full professor level at universities in USA and in Europe; however, I enjoy just as much working with younger students, coaching them above all in creative writing, but also in basic writing skills. My students sometimes go on to publish their work. At times I deal with ironing out personal issues that can block or hinder advancement in school. What I like to share, if the occasion permits, is my experiences living in Italy, France, and Switzerland. I a... Read more


Masters in Education and BS in Mathematics. Certified in 15 subjects!

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I love American history and I am constantly reading books on the subject. Some of the books I've read include: The Civil War Chronicle (by William C. Davis), The War (WWII, by Ken Burns), Common Sense (by Thomas Paine), the Constitution of the U.S.A, the Declaration of Independence, To Be a Slave (by Julius Lester), The Unfinished Nation (by Alan Brinkley), and many others. I have taken 2 college level American history classes and received a B or above in both. Read more


Experienced Educator

Tutoring is a gift. Both for me and for my students. I think about how much I learn and grow everyday working on reading and writing with others, and really, I kid you not, I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to do this work. I love all things having to do with the language arts. Now, tutoring is most obviously a gift for my student; it is a game changer, an investment, and increases comfort and confidence in an academic subject so much that it's truly worth every penny. I am an exp... Read more

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