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Masters in Education and BS in Mathematics. Certified in 15 subjects!

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I love American history and I am constantly reading books on the subject. Some of the books I've read include: The Civil War Chronicle (by William C. Davis), The War (WWII, by Ken Burns), Common Sense (by Thomas Paine), the Constitution of the U.S.A, the Declaration of Independence, To Be a Slave (by Julius Lester), The Unfinished Nation (by Alan Brinkley), and many others. I have taken 2 college level American history classes and received a B or above in both. Read more


Experienced Educator

Tutoring is a gift. Both for me and for my students. I think about how much I learn and grow everyday working on reading and writing with others, and really, I kid you not, I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to do this work. I love all things having to do with the language arts. Now, tutoring is most obviously a gift for my student; it is a game changer, an investment, and increases comfort and confidence in an academic subject so much that it's truly worth every penny. I am an exp... Read more


Deborah: very experienced tutor, advanced NYU degrees

I have an MBA from Stern School of Business of New York University. Intro to Business subject would cover topics of ethics, basic finance and accounting and budgeting, basic marketing, basic human resources, relationship to government including taxes, business structures: sole proprietorship, partnership,, and corporation, and other business topics on an introductory level. Read more


Tutor with Over 5 Years of Experience

I have been tutoring for over five years with a wide range of students including different ages and subjects. I have tutored students from elementary school all the way through college. I have covered subjects including: basic addition/subtraction to algebra and all the way to calculus. I have also tutored English and prepared high school students for their ACT or SAT tests. I look forward to working with you.... Read more


I have 5 years of experience of working with kids of all levels.

For over five years, I tutored at the College of Staten Island (CSI). I started in their writing center. There I worked with individual students and small groups to improve their writing and to get them to pass the test that would move them into college-level English. Nearly every student with whom I worked came back and thanked me for his or her passing grade. Some even discovered that they enjoyed writing and felt far better prepared for the papers that were bound to come as they continu... Read more


Majored in English and am more than happy to help!

Besides my general love for books and reading, I love analyzing texts and being able to discuss the meaning of said texts with people in general. Analyzing these texts, knowing the importance certain works have in the literary world, and being able to recognize that is something I feel is important. Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Wanted : Students hearts to smile

I love helping students realize their full capacities to learn. I have worked as an aide for students with special needs for almost five years. I have learned a great amount of patience and understanding about what it means to be a successful teacher dealing with students with autism. I believe the reason sometimes students are adverse to reading and writing as both children and adults is they don't see the universal themes present in the literature that are still relevant today. I believe c... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Tutoring the Write Stuff: Middle School through College

I have worked with students on their college and grad school admission essays, including essays for the Common App for college and essays for med school applications. Working on application essays is one of my favorite jobs. I love learning about people and strategizing with them as to what might make the most compelling subject for an essay and then helping them to find their own voice in writing it. I have a B.A. in history, a J.D., and an M.F.A. in creative writing. Read more


Creative and Exciting Tutor for English/Literature

I have studied English and English literature at both the University of Virginia and the University of Glamorgan in the United Kingdom. During my undergraduate career, I taught my own literature and film course, which allowed me to exhibit my teaching policy perfectly. Each of my students obtained valuable anaylitical and writing skills. Furthermore, I was able to successfully teach them to think originally and creatively to provide the best work possible. I have also written and published two short stories. Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Patient, Knowledgeable, and Effective Elementary Studies Tutor

Hi, my name is TaKima (Ta-key-ma) and I am currently a graduating senior at Old Domninon University. My major is Psychology and my minor is human services so I have tons of experience in interaction with others. I have volunteered at one of Norfolk's elementary schools and I feel I am equipped to help your child with their studies. I currently tutor so I am able to provide references. I pride myself on being a great person overall. I know what it is like to struggle in a certain area and ... Read more

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