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Diverse, Committed, Exhuberant

I hold a degree in Communication and the Arts with a concentration in public speaking. I prepare students for academic aptitude, verbal and quantitative sections of the AFOQT by combining printed and online resources. I guide students through a diagnostic assessment to identify their areas of strength and weakness, and target preparation to those areas, including test simulations and exercises, in order to identify the correct responses on the AFOQT to achieve a good score. I have tutored and taught social science, math, science, and language arts for many years, as well as SAT, GRE, ASVAB, Read more


Anthropology-Archaeology-Forensics-Science-Literature-Statistics PhD

I hold an MA & PhD in Anthropology. My specialties are archaeology, forensic anthropology, and physical/biological anthropology. Read more


CRLA Certified Tutor

I've taken 2 sections of Adobe Photoshop classes and passed with a 90% or better. I am very confident in my use of the program and the likelihood of training another person to use it with competence if not outright success. Read more


Social Studies, Social Sciences, Reading, and Study Skills Tutor

As an experienced, certified teacher of World Cultures, I have had the privilege to advance my student understanding in the fields of Anthropology through this class. We have discussed such topics as the Nacirema, and understanding the intricacies of cultures as well as natural observation. These skills help students fully understand those cultures that have existed in the past as well as those currently in existence. Read more


Former Professor with broad background

During my undergraduate studies, I had a minor in Anthropology. I receive 22 credits for my work in this field. I studied both physical and cultural Anthropology spanning the globe. Combined with my experience in Religious studies and Sociology, my Anthropology studies prepared me to tutor/teach this subject matter. Read more


All Academics Tutoring from a relaxed, patient and encouraging tutor.

I've been certified to teach Algebra I by WyzAnt. I've successfully tutored students in all levels of Math through trig, although I typically like to stay at Algebra II and Geometry or below. I'm an experienced teacher who has helped many adult learners with Algebra concepts as well as young adults. Read more

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