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My specialties are in Writing, English, Language Arts and Reading. As a Writing Tutor for Campus Learning and Assistance Services at UC Santa Barbara, I have helped individuals develop customized learning plans to better build skill and confidence in their writing abilities. Focusing on the needs of each person by session I was able to align writers with easy and useful strategies for their academic, professional and creative work. Evaluating the skill and level of each writer was also bene...

ACT English

elementary (k-6th)

I have worked with 2nd-6th grade students through a licensed day-care center for five years. More specifically, I have tutored those who read below grade level and were failing Language Arts. I helped them improve their reading, vocabulary and spelling thorough oral reading assignments, working together on homework assignments and/or correcting these assignments with the student. I also assigned work to improve aspects of skills like writing and multiplication, and general studying tips.







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study skills

I have prior training and experience teaching great study skills to students at the university level. Not only did I tutor students 1-on-1, I also did group presentations and workshops weekly. My job experience as an (Educational Opportunity Program) EOP Mentor required me to teach time management and study skills.




Penmanship is a skill developed through patience and practice. As an Assistant Teacher at the licensed Head Family Day Care, I worked closely with students to develop their handwriting through a careful mix of encouragement, diligence and repetition. Students would thank me for being kind and for pushing them to do their best. Good handwriting for these students gave them the confidence to excel in all areas of study.