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Patient & Experienced English Subject(s) and French Language Tutor

Welcome! I am currently a student at Los Angeles Valley college with the intention of majoring in Foreign Language- with French as one of my languages of interest. At this time I have taken college level French 1 (taking French 2 this semester) and have experience living in a Francophone environment for a brief period of time. I would be a suitable tutor for those seeking help at or below this level. Prior English experience includes working as an intern at the Los Angeles Zoo in the publ...


Over the past 10 years I have been striving towards excellence in the English and other languages. All of the skills that I have learned I am also adept at teaching, and have experience helping college students structure and polish essays, papers, etc. A favorite method of mine is introducing a student to the subject, having them practice it, having them do follow up reading/practice before they go back to the project at hand, and then evaluating their work with them. I also believe in supplying students with reason and logic about why a method is unaccepted, or why another method or structure is used over another.


Without the use of grammar we end up with examples like: "If you cook Elmer I will do the dishes." "Let's eat grandma" "While I was eating the cat scratched at the door." And a Google search will provide you with plenty more. Knowing when to use a dash vs. an em-dash; a semicolon or a comma; brackets or parenthesis usually makes all the difference.


As part of my training at VFS, we studied classic plays (including Shakespeare, Chekhov, Sophocles, Aeschylus, Hugo, Wolfgang Von Goethe, Shaw, Wild, Yeats,Pushkin, Williams and Wilder) at Mohawk College, we studied classic novels (such as Dumas, Carrol, Hooper, Melville, Defoe, Dostoevsky, London, Dickens, Austen,Irving, Doyle, Poe, Bronte(s), Twain, Shelley, Vonnegut, Hawthorn, Hemingway, Wells, Nabokov). Part of this is knowing how to analyze and recognize themes, motifs, symbolism(s). character(s) and characteristics, context of how the book came about and how it was received, analysis of individual chapters and characters, and analysis of the story. Through my own understanding of a text and my practical knowledge of how to put certain tools into use, I can help nurture students insights and hone their literary skills.


Working at the Los Angeles Zoo, Girl Gone International, other publications and websites as a proof-reader, I can teach students both the jargon and symbols professionals use, as well as what to look for and how to find those errors.


As a student I struggled with reading until I was 11. Now I read at a very high comprehension level, and enjoy reading more so for it. Each student will work differently and will find that they have strengths in some areas more than others. Reading Comprehension Include: reading individual words, reading fluidity, reading speed, the ability to read aloud, and understanding what symbols such as commas, quotation marks and more represent.

SAT writing


Spelling is a fundamental tool to know when learning any language, especially knowing where an ING is needed, an ED, or a GH. A common mistake made by adults who are native speakers of English is the tense of words, as well as homonyms errors. I can help with elementary to university level students.


Working with students who are learning English as an additional language, taking specific classes, and studying for the GRE have given me an extensive and continuously developing vocabulary. Aspects of learning for students would be: Understanding the difference between words that sound very similar but have rather varying meanings. Practical etymology (the study of the origin of words, including how the meaning of words have changed over the years) can help immensely with memorization of vocabulary, and an overall better understanding of any language. Synonyms are words or phrases that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language, for example shut is a synonym of close. As a writer, it is practical to know many synonyms to avoid repetition in a text. Teaching methods include: study,flash cards, quizzes, and taking a closer look at each individual word.


Currently I intern at the Los Angeles Zoo in publications where I write fact sheets, articles, and update the website with press releases and special event coverage. Beyond that, my resume consists of writing articles for various magazines, most recently Girl Gone International, as well as winning several Power of the Pen Awards for fictions and poetry. As a constant learner myself, I have taken numerous classes and am always adapting to be better.