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Hi, My name is Samuel W., I live in Lilburn, GA. I have a Bachelor's degree in Actuarial Science (magna cum laude) from Georgia State University and a master's in statistics (magna cum laude) from Kennesaw State University. I have tutored math to my peers and others since I was in high school and worked as a tutor at Georgia Perimeter College for over five years. Throughout those years I have learned and adapted different tutoring styles and techniques and acquired the discipline to become th...

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Danette P. from Lawrenceville, GA

Samuel's level of knowledge and patience is quite impressive. I have worked with tutors, but none can compare to Samuel. I was struggling with statistics and he simplified the complex concepts. He was very patient and made sure I understood the underlying mechanics of statistics. Just simply amazing!!

Jeremy J. from Atlanta, GA

Samuel really helped me with my graduate level statistics assignments, as well as assisted me with navigating through SPSS. He is without question an expert with SPSS and various types of statistics. He has my highest recommendation.

Amy A. from Lawrenceville, GA

Samuel is very patient and makes the lesson easier for my son to understand. He got a 92 on his test today!! Thanks, Samuel!!

Charmaine S. from Atlanta, GA

I am a graduate student taking statistics for the first time. It was very intimidating because everyone else in the class had taken it before and were familiar with the subject. I was way behind. Thanks to Samuel's kind patience, I was able to get myself out of that situation, and I am now making good progress by myself. I am catching up with the rest of the class quite nicely. He is quite patient and knowledgeable of the subject content.

Nia C. from Decatur, GA

Excellent tutor! He is very knowledgeable and was able to break down the information in a way that was easy to understand. I would definitely recommend using him again and recommend him for anybody looking for a tutor.

Kaila B. from Atlanta, GA

Samuel really helped me in my college business statistics class. He explained hard concepts very clearly and we moved through a lot of information. He also was able to help me work through problems. I would definitely recommend Samuel, he is flexible with times, cheap, clear, and makes you feel comfortable! As a tutor he is great - 5/5 stars!

Kimberley G. from Lithonia, GA

Samuel has been an excellent tutor for my daughter. He is very detailed, patient and up to date with the latest math programs and technology. My daughter is pleased and she did well is her Statistics course with Samuel's help. Now we are using him for Trigonometry.

RaSheen C. from Norcross, GA

I was totally amazed with the knowledge that Samuel had regarding statistics. He was able to clarify and open my eyes to what statistics is all about, how to tackle the questions with ease to find the answers. I am confident that I will ace my test. Thanks Samuel!

M V. from Dacula, GA

I was impressed on the first lesson. he is knowledgeable stats and professional in his teaching style. I would not hesitate in booking a second session.

Quan S. from Snellville, GA

Samuel was very understanding and articulate. He really broke down every step to me and then some when it came to the rigorous problems we did over calculus limits and derivatives. I would recommend him for anyone with any type of learning style. 10/10 tutor!!!!!!

Rondrea P. from Lilburn, GA

I am an adult student and needed a tutor for statistics. Thankfully I chose Samuel! He is very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable in this subject. His patience is wonderful. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a tutor.

Southwood T. from Stone Mountain, GA

Samuel did a fantastic job demonstrating one of the lessons I missed out on (consisted of the last three chapters in my text book). Samuel explained all of it and I was caught up and understood all 3 chapters in a two hour period. What was most impressive was not a single book or web page was opened to find formulas and other information you might think a book or internet access would be necessary for.

Eric M. from Snellville, GA

After multiple calculus sessions with Samuel, my son has indicated that Samuel is one of the best tutors he's ever experienced. Samuel teaches complex calculus concepts in a more understandable format than that of the typical classroom. Great tutor!

Elijah L. from Stone Mountain, GA

Sam was great his knowledge really helped me get over the intimidation of the problems. not a 5 star lesson due to scheduling hiccups and lack learning materials on my part I'm looking forward to more lessons in the future.

Edna J. from Stone Mountain, GA

From just one session my grandson learned the techniques that allowed him to complete several assignments that he received low grades on. Will definitely use Samuel again.

Alero O. from Snellville, GA

Samuel and I have gone over a variety of topics. He is a good tutor, because he gets that I NEED the help, and I am unable to do it myself. He talks to me, not at me, and he goes at a pace that is very comfortable, so I don't get frustrated.

Lauren C. from Duluth, GA

Sam was an excellent tutor! He took his time and showed me exactly what I needed to learn in order to pass my statistics course. The care and concern was unmatched. Sam was extremely flexible and able to work with my schedule even on a last minute basis! I highly recommend Sam for any difficult mathematical course work.