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Your Success is My Highest Priority

I have mastered skills in many diverse areas. Determination, confidence, and knowing how to study have been the keys to my success. I focus on helping my students build these fundamental attributes in addition to learning the subject. After 14 years in government-sponsored research, I turned to education out of the desire to work in a more people-centric field. I have been an adjunct math instructor at Harper College for the past nine years. I have taught math courses to students ...

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Karla K. from Conneaut, OH

Edward was well-prepared for lesson and had a very good knowledge of the subject, which helped my confidence level in dealing with a subject (math) that I am timid about.

Christine C. from Palatine, IL

His teaching methods are very helpful. He walks through the problems and then has me try some on my own. He is very patient and doesn't mind re-explaining things and explaining them in a different way if you are having trouble understanding something. He is a great tutor overall!

Noreen S. from Mchenry, IL

Thank you Ed for helping me attain my goals in school and for being so nice about it! Ed is patient, kind and accommodating. He is responsible and knows what he is doing. Anyone would be lucky to have Ed for their tutor!

Elizabeth V. from Palatine, IL

Java is required for my master degree program and the course materials and instruction are inadequate for me to actually learn the subject. The course had no pre-reqs and I've never, in a very long and successful academic career, consulted a tutor. Ed has been very helpful in explaining how constructors, methods, loops, arraylists, and hashmaps work together and I'm finally getting to the point where I don't just throw up my hands in defeat when I can't get something to work. Last night, I had a "eureka" moment while we were working through one of my assignments and we couldn't get it to pass through the instructor-supplied testing program. He watched me talk through the logic and try about a half a dozen things. Then I took a step back, said I think we're over-complicating things, looked at his solution, which was simpler than mine, but wouldn't fulfill the assignment's requirements of setting limits on the returns, and wrote a different sort of loop that worked. Best of all, I understood why it worked! Ed has been very patient with me as I throw spaghetti at a wall to see what works and talk through code to learn how it works. I'd recommend him to a student at any learning level who really wants to learn.

Terry S. from Barrington, IL

Ed helped me through Java and C programming assignments in my computer science program. He not only helped when I was stuck or had a specific problem, but he also taught me how to put to use the topics rolling around in my head, and how they interact with one another. For example, I understood for loops, and I understood arrays, but it wasn't until I was with Ed where I fully understood how a for loop could seed an array with elements (from a text file for example). He helped me tie together a bunch of different concepts and understand how they can and should interact with one another to solve a problem. From seeing how he approached things, I became better at being able to think like a programmer should, and I was much better at logically and syntactically working through a solving a problem than I used to be. It's obvious he knows a lot about math and computer science, so I would recommend him for either of those. He'll also try to help outside of tutoring hours to make sure you are successful. He will usually respond pretty fast to communication and is flexible with your schedule. What I have learned from him has definitely impacted my overall understanding and therefore grades, so if you're serious about your field and having some problems, you should not hesitate to contact Ed for help.

Mary O. from Palatine, IL

Edward has been a huge help to my son as he embarks on this semester's Calculus journey. He has been prepared for each session and my son has been prepared for his daily class at school.

Mariajose M. from Aurora, IL

In a short period of time, Ed helped my high schooler get caught up on AP Statistics. This was crucial to my child's success in school after having missed a lot of instruction time due to illness. He is patient and knowledgeable and knows how to adjust his teaching method to the student's learning style. Ed even ordered the books my child had in school in order to prepare the lessons, and continued with great success to provide online instruction when she was not available to meet in person.

Fred B. from Wheaton, IL

My daughter the student, came home ready for more! A great start! Calculus has dominated her college fun. This will help it get easier.

Teresa W. from Geneva, IL

Ed was a very good tutor and provided my daughter with more confidence/understanding than she had at the start of her tutoring sessions.

Igor T. from Wheeling, IL

Ed is a straightforward teacher and only teaches things he feels you really need to know for your class. All my classes with Ed were informative and helped me learn the material faster and better.

Sharon B. from Barrington, IL

Ed has now tutored my son for over a year. It can be difficult if the student is reluctant to work with a tutor, but Ed has made it incredibly easy and pleasant for all involved. My son has always had a positive reaction to working with Ed and it helps his confidence immensely to be able to ask any question in a safe an nonjudgemental environment. Ed has tutored my son in AP Statistics, AP Physics, and Pre-Calc. Ed is professional, prompt, and flexible. All in all, a great experience.

Teresa B. from Aurora, IL

Our son is graduating with his Engineering degree next week. We didn't always think this day would come! Two years ago he was struggling with a required engineering class. His classmates were dropping it and he wanted to also. With the cost of an extra semester (or year!) of college in mind, we decided to hire a tutor. That's when we found WyzAnt and Ed. Ed was able to pinpoint the problems right away and help him with just a few sessions. Our son went on to pass the class. Since it worked so well, he continued with Ed for the next two years, meeting with him for a few hours a week to go over homework and study for exams. Yesterday was his final session as he finishes up his finals and prepares for graduation. Ed is an excellent tutor and mentor. He's very knowledgeable and always prepared for the session (he asks for homework prior to session so he can review it). He's also very patient, friendly, and easy to reach. We're so glad that we found him! Thank you Ed!

Gina D. from South Elgin, IL

Edward was very patient and extremely helpful in assisting me prepare for the Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP). This test is statistically difficult to pass, and I was successful with the math tutoring from Edward. He came prepared for each lesson and provided with me with additional resources. Young or old, I would highly recommend his services!

Marianna O. from Palatine, IL

Ed was very patient and knew the subject well, I got help primarily with Calc 3 and Physics. He answered all my questions very well and did a great job of explaining it in a way I would understand. I am very grateful for Ed's help. I would definitely recommend him to my friends.

Maria G. from Hoffman Estates, IL

I was taking calculus II and failing miserably! Ed helped me get through calculus II and pass with a B!! Ed joined me a long through my journey for calculus III and succeeded extremely well!! With his help I gained confidence and started to participate more in class! Ed is very patient and is the best!!

Joy P. from Barrington, IL

Hi, Just wanted to leave this note about Ed. He is working with my daughter who struggles with ADHD, so learning is not easy for her. Although she will never excel in Math, I believe Ed is a great tutor and has helped with her insecurities about learning. Ed has not only worked hard with her, but has provided guidance for me to follow up with her tutoring to help make her successful in this college level math class. Although she is returning to school to complete the class, he has provided me with advice to continue and reinforce her learning. Many thanks to Ed, for his time with my daughter and sharing his teaching skills. His genuine concern for my daughter's success is evident.

Catherine Cass A. from Palatine, IL

I am in grad school, and I never thought I would be expected to learn programming (Visual Basic) to support my degree. Technology is wonderful, but I felt overwhelmed. I contacted Edward through WyzAnt, and I am so glad I did. A couple of days before we met for my first tutoring session with Edward, I emailed him my syllabus and the appropriate version of Visual Basic. He downloaded the appropriate information to his laptop, and reviewed the instructions beforehand. At the appointed time, he was ready to proceed, and all I needed to do was turn on my laptop and allow him to instruct me in the appropriate steps to take in programming. In just one session of 75 minutes, I was able to submit my first project before its due date.

Stephen A. from Bartlett, IL

My daughter contracted a virus and strep throat during our planned tutor session time lines. Edward was very flexible and understanding. He also did a great job evaluating where my daughter was in the process of her subject ( math ), and then adapted to her need right before mid term finals. Nice job!

Tess K. from Arlington Heights, IL

Math has always been a subject I've struggled in, when I began with Ed I still had trouble just adding and subtracting fractions. I met with Ed once a week, setting up sessions was very easy with him. Ed's schedule was generally flexible, which was great for me because I also work a part time job, as well as take classes. Ed was very patient with me, if we had a week or two of sticking with a difficult subject, for example: Rate problems, Ed would explain different ways to view the problem and a few methods on how to go about solving the problem. My original plan was to simply place into Math 101 on the placement test at my community college get my degree and be done with math forever. After studying with Ed, I took my placement test, and not only did I place into 101 but 140, 132, and 220! Without Ed's help I don't know if I would have had the patience to continue studying. His kindness, patience, and explanations were very clear. Ed actually reestablished my interest in math again. I know that the skills I have learned from meeting with Ed I will continue to put to use now and years to come in my education.

Genni F. from Carpentersville, IL

My tutor, Ed was very approachable and helped break down the statistical methods so that I could understand them. His meeting times were always flexible to my schedule and he was always prompt. He was always easy to reach either by phone or e-mail and he was always prepared for our lessons. Without his assistance I would have never made it through my college level stats class. Thank you Ed!

Jack V. from Lake Zurich, IL

This is my first experience with an individual tutor. The time went by fast with the material we covered. It was like spending time with my instructor.

Irfan Z. from Barrington, IL

Cancelled on short notice and told to find someone else. I had test coming up so needed help. So better find someone else.

Yuli R. from Carpentersville, IL

It was such a pleasure to have professor ed he was very kind and just a wonderful person thank you so much I had a great tutor. I would highly recommend him to any one

Darine K. from Fenton, MO

Edward has tutored our son with college engineering classes. It is hard to find someone with the knowledge and expertise to tutor higher level engineering subjects. Edward has been of great help and our son got a 92% on his last test!! Thanks!!

David K. from Buffalo Grove, IL

Ed has been a great resource for my daughter. She enjoys working with Ed and he has helped her improve her calculus skills in a very kind, patient and gentle way. He is very personable and flexible and always tries to get the best out of her in every session. I recommend you contact Ed if you are looking for a calculus tutor.