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Experienced Professional catering to your math and programming needs

Hello, my name is Linden. I am an experienced System Analyst at a national laboratory with a PhD in Computer Systems Engineering and a Masters in Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Upstate New York. Over the years I have enjoyed mentoring students in various math and science disciplines. Recently, I have translated this experience into providing excellent tutoring services for students in the area. I am skilled in a variety of programming languages, but I specialize in tu...

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Ryan H. from Tinley Park, IL

Linden was great to work with and helped me understand and become familiar with Java programming and how to structure my learning. I would suggest you work with him if you're interested in gaining insight and learning how to structure your learning.

Chuck F. from Naperville, IL

Linden did a great job of getting me up to speed despite starting our tutoring sessions half way through the class. We worked through some difficult material in the second half of the class and Linden was always well prepared and was able to grasp and explain those concepts. I am happy to have found Linden and look forward to working with him in the future.

Elizabeth V. from Palatine, IL

I sent out a bat signal last night for help and Linden responded very quickly. Though this afternoon was quick notice, he was able to schedule an hour for an online/phone tutoring session. I was feeling overwhelmed with a Java project and was unsure how the various components worked together. Linden used enough jargon to point me in the right direction without talking over my head. Simultaneously, he was very patient with a new student and did several check-ins through our conversation to make sure I understood what he was explaining. I hope to work with him again in the near future; hopefully in person! Java isn't easy to learn over the phone, but Linden really did a superb job.

Antonio E. from Bolingbrook, IL

We went through some calculus problems and he was very helpful. He knows how to make you understand every topic that you might need to be more clear about or feel secure on math in general.

Brooke T. from Lisle, IL

My son, Noah, enjoyed learning from Linden. I am very happy with the results and the experience. If and when my youngest needs help in Calculus I know who to contact. Thank you.

Kaitlin R. from Naperville, IL

Excellent tutor! He always knows what's the best way to solve a problem and makes sure you understand how to solve everything as well. He was very patient and I already have improved with only meeting him once!

Ismael O. from Joliet, IL

Linden explains everything well, and makes sure you understand all that is being taught before continuing on to the next subject. He is very patient, and has good methods for teaching.

Ali O. from Chicago, IL

Very helpful and knowledgeable tutor, he explained all of the problems I had to me in a very simple and clear way.

Maria M. from Naperville, IL

I have a little fear of math. It seems to live in a strange world beyond my reach. Linden is helping me demystify the subject. Thank you!

Mike C. from Crystal Lake, IL

Linden was very patient and quickly recognized my mistakes and taught me how to work the code to get my answer. I learned more in 1 session than I have in the first 4 weeks of my Java 1 class.

Mark C. from Charles Town, WV

Within 30 minutes he helped me to score 100% on my project! I will surely be contacting Linden in the future for any Java related questions/problems.

Shushanna A. from Glendale, CA

I am glad I was able to communicate with Linden. He is very patient and knowledgeable. His method of explaining was actually very descriptive. Thanks Linden!

Mark H. from Marietta, GA

Linden helped with a JAVA project that had tight timelines for my son and did an excellent job in helping him understand so he could complete.

James Z. from Escondido, CA

He answered any questions i had and provided great explanations. Made good use of the time and good communicator.

Nana P. from Bolingbrook, IL

Linden helped me go through a few algorithms problems in java and i will say this is the best tutor i have come across.His thought on the subject matter and his expertise on programming are incredible.above all a very nice guy too.Will recommend to anyone who needs tutoring help in his area of expertise

Adam H. from Chicago, IL

Linden worked with me on some Java data structures work that I was having trouble with. The key adjective to describe Linden is tenacious. He is patient, thoughtful, and will work with you at your pace, and you will definitely end up better than when you started. I think he charges too little! UPDATE: I have finished my semester. I started with Linden halfway through the semester. I don't know my grade, but it doesn't matter,. the fact is that once I started with Linden, I had a better understanding of the material, I could follow his approach, and I got a LOT more out of the course thanks to his guidance.