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Senior Software Engineer

I am a senior software engineer, working in the finance industry. I hold a Master's degree in Computer Science and Statistics. Over the years, I have developed software using various technologies including C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, Informatica, Unix (Solaris) and Linux. I have been involved in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and have experience in software design and architecture, software dev...


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Nolan B. from Chicago, IL

Fallen behind my C programming class and needed help to learn some last minute materials before an upcoming exam. Luckily, JB was able to see me the next day and went over some practice problems with me. At the end of the session, I've gain a much better understanding of the syntax and helped me boost up my confidence in my studies prior for this exam. Definitely will ask for his guidance again in the future! :D

Drew C. from Chicago, IL

Jean-Benoit was very helpful and broke it down. He took the Cranfield test collection and put it into a dictionary. I was lost, and he made it very easy to understand.

Avery A. from Chicago, IL

I am really happy I found Jean-Benoit (JB). I was looking for someone who could teach me SQL incredibly quickly and JB was the right guy for the job. He has a solid understanding of programming languages and databases, and taught me both the theory behind everything as well as SQL! I really appreciate him having examples to go through (which is the best way to learn: by doing). I hope to work with JB in the future.

Justin H. from New York, NY

Helped me set up some customized math/sci modules in python. Would totally recommend and look forward to working with him again.

Daniel B. from Chicago, IL

JB was an excellent tutor! I asked JB to help me learn SQL for my job in marketing. With only basic knowledge of the language, he was able to assess my level and cater lessons to address the skills I needed to acquire. JB is a professional computer programmer and an excellent teacher.

Alan M. from Evanston, IL

It is difficult to put into words the difference JB has made in my understanding of PL/SQL. He not only possesses an extensive knowledge of the subject, but is proficient in presenting the information so that it is understood. My skill level drastically improved in only a few sessions! Additionally he is always quick to respond to emails and texts. You will not be waiting around to determine if you should contact another tutor.

Nezar A. from Chicago, IL

I am doing my master's degree in computer science, and I wasn't sure that I would be able to find a tutor that has the knowledge to help me out with advanced classes in software engineering. I was struggling with a complicated and time consuming project that is written in Java. The project was a simulation, and the requirements contained the use of a number of design patterns. It wasn't an easy task to tackle. From the first meeting with Jean, I felt confident because he has the knowledge to deal with such a complex task. I was focusing more on learning from the project with him, rather than trying to meet the deadline. It was a great learning experience overall! Thank you Jean!

Zeke M. from Libertyville, IL

JB is a great tutor. Very knowledgeable and he is easy to learn from. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get their feet wet in programming or learning more in-depth application.

Pamela G. from Chicago, IL

Jean-Benoit replied to my message about homework help right away. Thought he did not have prior experience with the tools specific to my university, he was able to help me with my whole assignment. I now understand all the topics. I needed a tutor the next day, and he was able to fit me in his schedule. I definitely recommend him!

Tomas G. from Evanston, IL

If you need help with any subject that Jean is able to assist you with, GET HELP FROM HIM. He's quick to respond, reliable, and will explain things very well! I needed someone that same day, and he was able to tutor me regardless and with great detail. He'll definitely be great help to you.

Mohannad A. from Chicago, IL

He is a really great tutor for my subject. He makes me understand the material much better. I do recommend him!!

Shawn C. from Locust Valley, NY

Jean-Benoit is a great tutor for anyone seeking assistance with computer science. He is knowledgeable and professional, responds quickly to emails, and takes the time to ensure the material is understood. We worked remotely and I learned so much during our session. It was a pleasure working with Jean-Benoit and he comes highly recommended.

Oliwia T. from Elmwood Park, IL

This was my first time dealing with Jean-Benoit and I am so happy I found him. He was very helpful with solving homework from computer science class. He responded fast to my request. I really recommend him.

William C. from Evanston, IL

Programming in Java is like pulling teeth from a baby, but Jean-Benoit explains the logic and motivation of the Java syntax. He is patient and knowledgeable about Java programming. We spent 2 hours doing a practical example (import 200 rows from a csv file and store in array). I look forward to the next lessons.

Pauline M. from Wilmette, IL

Jean-Benoit has been my tutor for a couple of weeks only, but I have seen positive results already. My primary educational field is Medicine, and Programming does not come to me naturally and easy, but he made it simple, straightforward and to the point. He is very organized, professional and knowledgeable, and he knows how to make you understand the built of programs. He is a natural tutor, and I am happy that I found him.

Jose S. from Chicago, IL

Jean was a pleasure to work with I recommend his services. Jean was a pleasure to work with I recommend his services.

Joey B. from Chicago, IL

Jean-Benoit was very helpful, and helped me complete an assignment that I needed last minute help on. He is very knowledgeable about the topics that we discussed, and was enjoyable to converse with as well. I would highly recommend him!

Krista D. from Chicago, IL

Jean-Benoit is a great all around tutor. I've not only gotten help with my course assignments, I've also gained invaluable knowledge outside of the homework help. He takes the time to walk through what I don't understand and helps me grasp harder concepts. He is also very patient and incredibly knowledgeable in all types of programming. I HIGHLY recommend JB and have been completely satisfied with each tutoring session I've received from him.

Rich S. from Darien, IL

He did a great job helping me understand a homework assignment involving Linux sockets written in C++. I would recommend Jean-Benoit to anyone.

Jared M. from Osseo, MN

I've used JB as a tutor for Java for several weeks now. He has really helped me understand some concepts that I was struggling with and has picked up the slack from my Professor at my University. I do not have the best Professor for my Java class and was really struggling a couple weeks in. I first reached out for a tutor and JB sent me a message. He met with me online the same night and ended up staying up until Midnight to help me get an assignment done I had due the next day. He has gone way above and beyond to help me with my class. I was a little worried that using an online tutor instead of meeting with someone in person wouldn't work that well but with JB it has been the opposite. He has made it really easy to get together and work on my assignments. We use a screenshare and skype to communicate and it's more convenient than going anywhere to meet. He is able to break down concepts in a way I can understand and there is no way I would have gotten through my class without him. He also keeps things interesting and fun. He doesn't get frustrated when I'm slow to pick things up and just tries to find different ways of explaining or demonstrating concepts until I get it. I highly recommend using him as a tutor for computer science if you're looking for one. I guarantee you will be glad you did!

Landon B. from Seattle, WA

Jean-Benoit is helping me to understand how to run a Linux configuration of a former project of mine using PostgreSQL and many advanced level topics. He is: flexible, highly cooperative, and understanding of my situation. He has taught me some interesting commands for the Terminal that help simplify my general coding ability as extra advice which sets the stage for professional software development. Additionally, he discusses everything in full detail and the explanations make sense almost instantly.

Rebecca L. from Austin, TX

I really like Jean-Benoit's teaching style. He has a talent for determining your weaknesses and making things simpler as well as being well organized. I highly recommend him!

Elizabeth V. from Palatine, IL

I have a tendency to over-think things and Jean-Benoit was very helpful in talking through some example problems so I will actually know how to approach them in the future. It was good seeing the thought process of "I know x, y, and z", translate it into a mathematics problem (which I can do), then use some of the documentation to help me figure out how to solve the problem and also how to check my work!

Jordan D. from Chicago, IL

Jean taught me how to program C++ and should me the steps required to complete a problem during the program sequence. He also gave me rally good and useful tips on setting up my programs which I will continue to use. Things that I liked about Jean is he's funny, but he also enjoys programming so helping with this problem sets is not boring and hard for him and also enjoys teaching the subject.

Dee K. from Schertz, TX

Jean-Benoit was extremely knowledgeable and patient as he helped me understand advanced SQL concepts from a graduate-level course.

Philip S. from Chicago, IL

JB really knows his stuff, has a lot of experience programming, and will go the extra mile to get you what you need.

Maricela G. from Chicago, IL

Jean-Benoit was great at explaining python concepts and how to approach a problem statement for a homework assignment. I was able to take what he went over to complete the rest of my assignment.

Evan D. from Schaumburg, IL

Explains everything very clearly and really knows his stuff. Also interesting to talk to about things not related to the tutoring. If you need a tutor, this is your guy, worth every penny!

Samantha Z. from Macomb, MI

Simply amazing!! Would not go to another tutor ! He's the best! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a programming tutor !

Heather W. from Parker, PA

Working on several mobile development projects and Jean-Benoit has been very helpful. Would highly recommend him as a patient and knowledgeable tutor.