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The Keys to Understanding a Subject: Fundamentals and Problem Solving

As a student approaches a subject, there are two major factors to success: a solid foundation in the fundamentals and skills at solving problems. The fundamentals are very important for understanding why aspects of the subject work the way they do and to be able to build on one aspect to understand others. Being able to solve problems means the student can apply what they have learned in useful ways. As a tutor, my role is to insure that the student is proficient in both parts of learning th...

computer programming


SAT math






algebra 2

Phillip S. from Cambridge, MA

Anand helped me succeed in a coding course I was struggling with through his patient and thorough explanations. He always steered me towards discovering the answer for myself as opposed to simply spoon-feeding it to me. A fantastic tutor overall. Definitely recommend!

Andrea Z. from Boston, MA

The best of the best! I've had 3 different calculus tutors from this site, but Anand is by far the most helpful.

Laurie S. from Cambridge, MA

Anand was our son's Astro tutor for Harvard SSP term. Anand was very punctual and dependable, and a very good and knowledgeable tutor. Thanks, Anand!!!

Sulinha B. from Arlington, MA

Anand has come twice to teach Algebra 2 to my 10th grade daughter. She missed a lot of classes due to medical reasons and had a lot of catching up to do. Anand was super - very clear explaining the material - my daughter was able to take the test and succeed. He was very professional, arriving on time, and also very knowledgeable. He will definitely come back for another lesson and I would recommend him to anybody that is looking for a fantastic math teacher. Time to update: I would just like to ad that my daughter took several more lessons with Anand after this last review in April and she was able to get 100% on her math final. She got every single question correct. Thank you, Anand, for doing a fantastic job!

Joellen S. from Cambridge, MA

Anand explains complex problems simply and made sure I understood at each point before moving on. I would recommend him highly as a tutor.

Louis M. from Woburn, MA

My 10 year old son was able to connect with Anand right away and the session went so well they continued working for 2 hours. I could tell that Anand knew his subject, knew how to relate to kids, and made sure that my son was understanding what he was discussing. He was effective right from the beginning and I sensed this would work well and it absolutely did. Anand is engaging, easy to understand, and very focused on his student. I quickly signed on for several follow-up lessons for my son. My son and I both feel he got great value from his first tutoring session with Anand.

Jasmine G. from Brighton, MA

Anand helped me review algebra and geometry in preparation for the GRE. He did a great job of explaining things and was very patient with me. I have a tendency to want to skip straight to the end without learning all of the steps to get there, but he kept me on track and got me to where I needed to go.

Tihitna T. from West Newton, MA

Anand has helped me feel confident in my studies of physics. He is very patient with me, and he always makes it so I understand the concepts instead of just trying to cram the information into my brain. His tutoring skills are also very evident in my performance in the class now. I wouldn't be able to do it without him!