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Math Stats Physics Data-science Code-dev. Distance-learner friendly!

Perhaps I can help! I am a math/statistics/physics/data science/software development tutor based in Portland ME and Cambridge MA. If you are in greater Portland or greater Boston, please consider me for help with math from the basics to calculus to beginning and advanced statistics, ODE/PDEs, linear algebra, time series analysis or any other topic of applied math. I can help with high school or college level physics (I have a PhD in physics), general data science (I've made a career develo...


I have written and edited web pages since 1995. As a relatively early adopter of JavaScript (circa 2000), I've implemented it in a variety of content-driven/technical contexts as well as non-technical/dynamic-web contexts. I participated in the great Node.js debate sometime ago, in which I advocated for simple sockets rather than the server-side implementation. I have also tutored colleagues and continuing-education students in JavaScript.


linear algebra


I was an early adopter of Linux. My first kernel in 1992 was 1.0.6, and I lived through the early days when new kernel releases were limited by the availability of ethernet card drivers. As a super-user, I handle all aspects of system administration: user management (permissions), resource logic (device, peripheral) and interface config (GUI/X11 config, TCP-IP, sendmail). I was a RedHat user from 1993 until 2005, when I switched to Ubuntu/Debian-flavored releases. Today, my principal instance is Kubuntu, which is rolled up in VMWare WorkStation for co-operation with Windows. All of my general C++/Perl code development occurs in the Kubuntu environment and is ported to Windows as part of the release process. Linux has always been a means to an end, so my knowledge of the OS is similar to a pilot's knowledge of an aircraft: I can fly it in many conditions, I can recognize when something is wrong, I can fix user-serviceable aspects of operation, but I'm not an architect, designer or trained mechanic. At various times, my knowledge of Linux has been augmented/clarified by work with other UNIX-based operating systems Sun's SunOS, IBM's AIX, Silicon Graphics RISC, and Berkeley's BSD.



SAT math

physical science


ACT Math

differential equations








algebra 1

algebra 2

As of March 2015, I have one student taking Algebra II and a second reviewing Algebra I and II in preparation for the GRE. My approach to tutoring Algebra is similar to the rest of basic problem solving: I focus on reflexes. What's the first thing to do when you see a problem of a certain form? What's the second? My students develop a problem solving rhythm that carries them through assignments and exams.


discrete math

computer programming

computer science


finite math


Kiran G. from Boston, MA

Peter is a great tutor. He is incredibly informative and helped to demystify the material for me. He was very accommodating of my schedule. :)

Richard W. from Salem, MA

Peter was just great. He had a warm professionalism and approached a difficult subject (statistics) with kindness and humor, seeking to translate concepts into language that the student could understand and using tools that were harmonious with the student's learning style. We are looking forward to our next session.

Sadie R. from Portland, ME

Peter is a wonderful tutor. I am so fortunate to have found him. I went from fearing I would fail to a B+ in my statistics class. Peter has a lot of knowledge and experience. Most importantly, he seems to truly enjoy teaching and a good challenge. When he started to tutor me, he acknowledged he had not specifically used SPSS but knew he could be of service to me because of his professional work and other training. It was very impressive he went above and beyond and learned what I needed (although he already knew the content). I feel that I learned more working with Peter because he was able to create many analogies and relate what I was learning to the real world and how I may apply it in the future. Much of what I remember will be because of his examples (or good stories). He has had an impressive career. I recommend Peter to anybody and he will be the first person I contact in the future if I need a tutor again. If you want someone that is knowledgeable, well rounded, interesting, and reliable, this is who you are looking for!

Sidharth S. from Falmouth, ME

Peter was very patient. I was rusty with a lot of concepts from calculus I and he took the time to retrace my steps and review past material. He helped set up strategic ways to approach calculus II and provided an outline for what to expect as I progress through the semester. I appreciated his willingness to pay attention to detail and be empathetic to my abilities.

Candice D. from Natick, MA

Peter is a very patient tutor and is well prepared for the scheduled lesson. I was very impressed by his professionalism and his flexibility in scheduling lessons and staying for longer tutor sessions than anticipated. I will definitely have him as a tutor again in the near future.

Mara P. from Chestnut Hill, MA

Peter was so helpful to me from our first session. In fact, after my first lesson, I went home and did my statistics homework and got 100%. I'll never forget the bell curve and cinnamon and sugar! I've been running from statistics for a long time, was finally forced to take it and am grateful I had Peter helping me! Peter returned my emails very promptly and was flexible in scheduling.

Ann R. from Groton, MA

Our son was having difficulty with AP Physics, and we were lucky to find Peter. He listened well to find out what help was needed, and structured his instruction accordingly. He’s very articulate, explains concepts and methods clearly, easily comes up with examples, and demonstrates what he’s teaching. He observed our son’s efforts and fixed misunderstandings, sometimes adding observations about what caused the misunderstandings.  Peter has been very flexible about scheduling and has worked successfully with our son both in-person and via technology. He has provided impressive insight into our son’s learning and has kept us informed of our son’s progress, remaining areas of weakness, and how best to address them. He’s also provided helpful advice and strategies for test-taking. Peter has a genuine enthusiasm for the subject and for teaching. Personally, he’s warm, charming, and funny, and has often stayed for a short time socializing at the end of a lesson. We’ll actually miss him.

Ben B. from Middleton, MA

Definitely knows his stuff, has a great way of making complex concepts much simpler to understand. Definitely helping me survive my grad statistics course.

Kathi C. from Wrentham, MA

Peter taught me substituting with integrals. He took his time to walk me through the process, and was really helpful. Peter has helped me figure out which methods of integration to use and when.

Curtis R. from Falmouth, ME

Did a good job of understanding where our daughter is and the steps going forward. He has now devised a plan to help her grow in Physics.

Nicholas K. from Allston, MA

Peter helped me get a B on my math exam. He is a cool guy as well, and even got the same book as I did to make studying easier.

Young K. from New York, NY

Stat - Hypothesis testing. He was very patient and knew the subject very well. His way of teaching was very efficient. I was able to understand and solve many problems in a short amount of time.

Lucinda W. from Acton, MA

University Calculus 1 Peter is an amazing teacher. Calm and patient, with extensive knowledge of the subject, he adapted his teaching style to help the individual student. He identified the key areas of weakness in the student's understanding which was contributing to difficulty with the subject, and helped to build knowledge and confidence in those areas, as well as teaching the advanced material. He is engaging, and presents the material in a way that generates interest and maintains attention.

Ryan K. from Medford, MA

Enthusiastic to teach and work through complex problems. Puts equations and problems into real world situations for a better understanding.

Leanna G. from Holbrook, MA

I just started learning statistics with Peter and I think it is a good fit. Peter makes you feel at ease and his approach is very calming. Peter also gives you an understanding of the "overall picture", which is great to start out with.

Lucas W. from Cambridge, MA

Peter is a great tutor. He helped me understand complex issues in statistics. He helped me learn and run StatCrunch and SPSS. He helped me understand projects so I could complete them, and he helped me study for quizzes. He clearly loves statistics, and loves teaching it. We worked together in person. and via Skype, and both worked really well. Peter is really patient and easy to work with.

Erik B. from Greendale, WI

Peter was great. I needed help with differential equation problems, so I reached out to him and within 30 minutes we were on Skype working problems together. Overall great experience and would definitely recommend to everyone.

Nick M. from Boston, MA

My first lesson with Peter went very well. He was able to help me understand the material in a way that my professor could not. He was able to successfully break the problem down into parts and guide me step by step until I fully understood the process.

W B. from San Francisco, CA

We discussed linear algebra. Specifically, rank of a matrix, its nullity (dimension of null space), embedding dimension (number of variables) and their relationship. We made mental pictures of projection, rotation, reflection and dilation as the basic operations of a matrix on a vector. His explanations were clear. Thanks Peter.

Sang C. from Cambridge, MA

I am learning the fundamentals of statistics from a course I am taking. He is very patient with explaining and working out the problems. I highly recommend Peter for those of you interested in learning in any level of stats.

Zachary G. from Boston, MA

Peter made my calculus homework very easy for me, the first page of my homework by myself took me about an hour to do, and the rest with him took me about a half hour. He makes everything so easy, I'm confident I can get an A in the class if I keep meeting him regularly. He is very nice and super intelligent and easy going. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Michael P. from Newton Center, MA

Peter has great command of the material but just as important he knows how to take complicated concepts and put them into easier to understand layman's terms.

Karim I. from Boston, MA

Peter L. was really patient and clear when it came to explaining concepts that seemed peculiar to me. After today's lesson, I feel much more confident for my upcoming physics exam.

Anisa K. from Cambridge, MA

Peter and I looked primarily at how to set-up Physics problems, and translate the scenario into solvable math principles. The lesson went by very fast, and I left feeling more reassured in how to approach problems. I enjoyed the lesson very much.

Geoff R. from Newton Upper Falls, MA

Peter is a great tutor. He has been great help with some of the most difficult problems in my ODE problem set. He is adept at finding ways to explain things so that I understand them. I highly recommend his services.

Wafa W. from Boston, MA

Yesterday we had a basic evaluation for the whole program. Peter was very helpful, his background in statistics gives him a unique advantage as a tutor. Thank you so much!

Latif D. from Boston, MA

Hade fun learning with Peter we did a lot and I really understood what I was learning with Peter L

Gayle B. from Waltham, MA

Peter is so knowledgable about many subjects, it truly makes him one of the very best tutors on this site. He is able to quickly solve problems and guide me through physics. Since I started taking lessons with him, my grade in Physics has jumped almost 3 grade points. I am so glad he offers his services for a more affordable price than other tutors. 10/10 would recommend Peter for any physics or calculus help!

Sonali K. from Lexington, MA

Peter is very knowledgeable with AP Statistics concepts and taught a variety of strategies with patience. He helped me build confidence in my understanding, and didn't mind repeating in different ways to make sure my knowledge was solid.