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Mathematics Lecturer

I am a retired university math lecturer looking for students, who need experienced tutor. Relying on more than 30 years experience in teaching and tutoring, I strongly believe that my profile is a very good fit for tutoring and teaching positions. I have significant experience of teaching and mentoring at both high school and all university levels in different mathematics subjects such as Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Differential Equations, Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Trigonome...

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Abdullah B. from Boston, MA

Mr. Massoud is very qualified for a tutor, very patient and shows a genuine interest in the students understanding. He does not like to waste time either!

Jorge B. from Jamaica Plain, MA

One of the things I find most helpful about Massoud is that he's very patient. He has many years of experience under his belt, and he tackles each question in every way he can until he knows I understand. His first language is Farsi, but his English is still very clear and understandable; I haven't had any problems of communications with him.

Spencer C. from Belmont, MA

It is very helpful to have a tutor who is patient and takes the time to understand underlying problems within a student's approach. The strongest points that I've noticed in Massoud's tutoring are his abilities to tell when a concept hasn't actually clicked, and to detect the underlying problems that may be the source of the lack of comprehension. All in all, Massoud is a very competent tutor and I would highly recommend him to anyone struggling in Calculus courses, or any other subject that he offers tutoring for.

Muna E. from Dedham, MA

I have nothing but positive things to say about Mr. Massoud for the short amount I have gotten to know him. He is extremely punctual and attentive. I believe that he genuinely wants his student to do well and puts his heart and effort into it. I also liked the fact that he did not like to waste time, very focused and polite to everyone. Most importantly his knowledge was widely spread out through many subjects. I had him tutor for my brother for his upcoming SAT and Mr. Massoud was able to help him with all subjects, not just Math. Overall, we are happy we picked him as our tutor.

Ruth F. from Chestnut Hill, MA

Massood has being a blessing to us, my daughter this is taking advanced math and she has been very grateful for his help

Mario G. from Boston, MA

Massoud has been an excellent resource for improving my score with the math section of the GRE. He wants you to fully understand the underlying principles behind the questions, which makes you much more comfortable with the operations you need to do. Not only has he helped me find strategies to figure out the concepts I had difficulty with, but he has given me a lot of confidence that I can work out intimidating problems.

Maya W. from Brookline, MA

He came to my house late one night in the middle of a snow storm. He explained everything from square one in a positive way that made me understand. Would recommend!

MARIA S. from Newton Center, MA

He is incredibly patient and is very good at pinpointing your weaknesses and improving upon them rather than just getting through the material. My sister and I highly enjoyed working with him and would again if we take another math course.