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Calculus, Precalculus, Trigonometry, SAT, ACT Math & More

I have been in the tutoring service now for three decades+, starting at the University of Maine at Orono teaching "Transcendental Functions/Precalculus" mathematics (1982-1985) then straight into the non-academic world. I started work at The Boeing Company as a Mathematician/Software Developer in the Photogrammetric and Satellite Imagery arenas, while tutoring nights and weekends. These arenas required rigorous and validated mathematics. When tutoring it is important for the student to know ...

ACT Math

algebra 1

algebra 2



I have been developing programs with C# since 1995 in the application of Photogrammetric algorithms used in 3d mapping. Using .ADO C# provides many built-in functions and libraries for a variety of applications. Certification ------------------- • Microsoft Certified Developer -- MCSD


I have been developing programs with C++ since 1995 in the application of Photogrammetric algorithms used in 3d mapping . From classes and class templates to polymorphism and iterative functions, we'll cover them all. Certification ------------------- • Microsoft Certified Developer -- MCSD


computer programming

I have been programming with the following High Level Programming Languages (HLLs) since 1999; in a production environment: • JavaScript, • VB .NET, • C#, • C • C++ I am open to teach programming with Internet provided compilers and interpreters.

computer science

I have been involved with computer science, programming, hardware repair, networking and more since the mainframes of 1982. I have a vast view of the science and how to relate it to others through practice and tutoring. Through our sessions we'll review both the practical and theoretical sides of the science of today and tomorrow. From binary mathematics, subnets, and routers, to blade servers, NAS and Windows 10 we'll cover them all.

differential equations


FORTRAN means FORmula TRANSlation and was used as a mathematical programming language. Though rarely used today, FORTRAN was popular with the engineers and number crunchers. I have had the privilege of using the language since 1982 on a IBM Maine frame 360/370. We will cover variables, functions, common blocks, subroutines, mathematical functions and more.

general computer


I have been working with Linux Operating systems since 1999. In this capacity I have implemented, configured, and used Red Hat Linux, RHEL 6.x, CENTOS Linux, SUSE Linux, LDAP and NFS servers. I have implemented SAMBA for both Linux and Windows data shares. Most versions of Linux are free and second only to Windows for Operating System popularity. I am currently a Linux Professional Institute certified systems administrator with certification in CompTIA Linux+.

Microsoft Windows



SAT math


Visual Basic

I have been developing programs with Visual Basic since 1995 and am a Microsoft Certified Developer in VB .NET. VB with .NET can supercharge your applications with built in libraries and functions for a variety of needs. We will explore loops, variables, arrays, decision making, design, and more. Certification ------------------- • Microsoft Certified Developer -- MCSD


I've implemented JavaScript algorithms and forms for websites since 1999. JavaScript is a client-side interpreted programming language used for web development and usually coupled with CSS, and HTML. JavaScript is also the most popular programming language in the world. We will cover variables, types, loops, functions, decision making, catching and throwing exceptions, and more.