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Lessons, Homework Help, & Test Prep with a Friendly Yale grad

Hi there! My name is Alejandra, and I've been working as a tutor for high school and college students for the past ten years. I offer highly personalized academic support for a small number of long-term students and clients. I feel that ALL students benefit from the one-one-one focused attention of a tutor, whether they are struggling academically or not. I maintain an active tutoring roster of only eight students at any given time, so that I can bring my maximum focus to each student's ...

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Hani A. from Wilmington, DE

I was extremely pleased to work with Alejandra. She is professional and prompt at all times. I really can’t speak highly enough of her and the help she provided to me with my literary assignments. Her feedback was very valuable! Thank you.

David J. from Durham, NC

Our son looks forward to his time with Alejandra. He actually has fun with her. She is a spectacular tutor and the best writing coach we could hope desire. Her command of history (world and US) drives the sessions. My wife and I recommend her without reservation.

Robert O. from Durham, NC

I requested Alejandra D to assist my daughter in preparing for the ACT and the TOEFL test this summer. From the first lesson she created a rapport with her, and designed assignments that were challenging and achievable. Aside from motivating my daughter to accelerate her learning, working with Alejandra was something my daughter looked forward to. She has gained a much higher level of competence in the English for ACT, and I am astounded by what she is now reading and writing. The progress is quite tangible (and higher confidence to boot--not that I needed any more of that!) Alejandra is not responsible for the progress, my daughter did the work, but Alejandra was able to create a clear path for her to follow, while at the same time making it a journey she wanted to go on. Alejandra has demonstrated a sensibility that is terribly difficult to find in tutors, she was always punctual, would end the lesson when the goal for that day was achieved (sometimes this was less than planned, other times longer), and always communicated what she had accomplished, and what was on the table for the next lesson. I was able to allow them to work without interference, which I think is very important for high-school students seeking independence. I work in education, and recommend, without reservation, this wonderful tutor. Thank you Alejandra!

Carlos Fernando D. from Chapel Hill, NC

Alejandra is a very skilled tutor, patient, and punctual, and has been able to quickly establish a relationship of confidence and collaboration with my son.

Prathima K. from Chapel Hill, NC

I really recommend Alejandra as a standardized test prep tutor. I needed help for the GRE General exam and felt very hopeless about my situation, especially the writing section. I did not know how to study for it at all. Thankfully, Alejandra devised a plan to help me understand the writing section (and the other sections) and we practiced writing several essays together. The tutoring obviously worked because I got a 5. So if you are in need of standardized test prep help, please don't hesitate to contact Alejandra!

Oliver B. from Portland, ME

I was at a point and time where I had a D- in my English and pretty much accepted the fact that I needed to drop the class to continue on with my other classes. I had no idea how to analyze literature and figured that's "just the way I was". Through a last resort effort of signing up on WyzAnt, I met Alejandra. She literally SAVED me. In one session, she explained literature analysis in a way to me that I could finally understand. I met with her once a week for a month until the semester ended. By the end of the semester, I had raised that D- to an A-!!! Not only did I get a good grade, but I learned an immense amount. I can't recommend her enough.