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Computer Science/Programming Tutor, Math Ph.D.

Have you or your children ever wanted to really understand math going beyond drills and rote training in specific techniques? Do you want to learn computer programming? Not just to create nice-looking and functional websites or mobile phone applications, but so you can write a program that can play checkers or find its way out of a labyrinth. If you want to become a top-notch programmer or an applied mathematician working on the next-generation search engine, cutting-edge cryptography, real...

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Jimi W. from New York, NY

I cannot speak highly enough of Sergey, as he helped me make sense of my inadequate computer science education. In just a little over a month I went from vaguely understanding python to building my own site, loving the language and programming well. He was always available and would find additional materials for me after each lesson. I wish I had known about Sergey and WyzAnt years ago!

Chip C. from New York, NY

We've been with Sergey for three weeks now and at this point I'd like to make three comments. First, he is extremely professional. He show up right on time, is friendly and social. Second, he is organized with his teaching plan and he customizes it to his student's level. He helps my kids acquire skills surely and slowly. Third, he imparts a love of learning. Because they like him, my kids are excited for him to arrive and when he leaves, they are excited by what he has taught them. He helps them discover the joy of learning, which is the highest hope one can have for a tutor.

Elisa L. from New York, NY

He worked with my child who is in college on de bugging a program. My child had time constraints and he worked within them. Will be using him again.

Jeremy L. from Brooklyn, NY

Sergey is very knowledgeable and interested in the subject matter I was learning. overall he is engaging and helpful.