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Electrical Engineering topics and Web / Photography related areas

I have a diverse background in areas related to Electrical Engineering and currently teach full time in the field. I provided my services both to those already out of school who are looking to extend their skills as well as those in school looking for help with their coursework. My clients include those who have been exposed to various topics but may not have had a structured way to learn or improve those skills. I cover a broad range of electrical and computer systems engineering topics from...

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Renee C. from Schenectady, NY

Mark brings the old classroom atmosphere into his lessons and makes you think about every step of the process. I was on the verge of failing my sql class but my grades are improving and it looks like I'll pass after all.

Bill M. from Schenectady, NY

Mark is fun to be with, an excellent teacher who explains things very clearly, knows when to sum them up, even when I don't ask him to, and know his subject very thoroughly. He's clearly very honest.

Marina K. from Brooklyn, NY

Mark is a great tutor, after only 2 hours of tutoring my son got a 100 on his next exam. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an electronics tutor. My son was impressed with Mark's knowledge of the subject and his tutoring approach.

Shawn F. from Ballston Lake, NY

The IT landscape changes so fast, it can be hard to keep up. Finding tutors that are actually practiced in the latest technologies and methodologies (which are really the same as ever with new acronyms and building blocks) can be a challenge. Mark can tell you the who-what-when-where-and-why quickly and also show you how to find the answers yourself which is even more important. The few sessions I spent with Mark were worth every penny!

Marianne Q. from Slingerlands, NY

Mark took on a very tough assignment. I can be classified as a returning adult to higher education. We are working on Microsoft Project Manager. Mark has been patient, helpful, and thorough. His sense of humor diffuses my frustration, and we are able to move past any obstacles. I highly recommend him.

Kyle M. from Slingerlands, NY

I have been tutored by Mark A for a computer course at Hudson Valley Community College. The course was a 101 course and it focused on Excel and Access. I have to say choosing Mark to be my tutor was a great move because he was very patient with me as I went along and was extremely knowledgeable of the material. He has worked with Microsoft Excel, Access, and computers for a long time and really knows what he is talking about. I would definitely recommend him as a tutor and you will not be disappointed. He is very friendly and if you want to get a great grade in your course and have fun at the same time, do yourself a favor and choose Mark.

Anthony G. from Saratoga Springs, NY

We engaged Mark to help my son with his AP Computer Science course. This is a serious course that has been a real challenge for my son to conquer. I am pleased to report that Mark has made an immediate and positive impact on my son's understanding and confidence with the course material. Mark is very thorough and my son is enjoying learning with Mark's assistance. Mark has a great way about him that is very focused while being supportive. We are now confident that my son can and will succeed in this critical class.

David O. from Hudson Falls, NY

Mark is a great resource to help you gain practical and professional experience for your personal or business needs. There wasn't a single question that I've had that he hasn't been able to answer and walk me through so that could grasp it myself. Mark is also energetic and sincerely interested in helping you achieve your goals! Whether you use Mac or PC, if you need help I highly recommend Mark as a tutor.

Jacquelyn S. from Albany, NY

Mark is a wonderful tutor! Not only does he have a profound understanding of computer science, but he is able to explain the material clearly and with enthusiasm. He works hard to make sure his students have a working knowledge of the material. I highly recommend him.

James O. from Bremerton, WA

Mark took the time to go over and reiterate what i learned in a professional manner. He was on point with a lot phrases for the computer programming course. i Highly recommended him.