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Certified Nursing Tutor ALL Courses & Pre-Req's 100% Success NCLEX

To all my potential students and parents, I want to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my background and my life so you can get a better idea of who I am, how I can help you or your child, and the passion that propels the work I do. I graduated High School from Massapequa HS. I went away to Ripon College, WI to study the Biological Sciences and Chemistry. In lieu of work study, I tutored undergrad students in all areas of science and chemistry. I earned my BS (Bachelor...




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MaryAnn G. from Miller Place, NY

Allison very well educated. Well prepared for every session. A great source of knowledge in many subjects. She applies work experiences as well to tutor session which I love because she has the hands on knowledge of being a skilled nurse and teacher which enhances the sessions and helps guide students direction and goals accordingly. She is very serious and dedicated in helping students achieve their goals. She truly enjoys helping students who have struggled so long finally understand and feel good about themselves thus increasing their self esteem. She works hard at making schedules that fit both the teacher and student and makes herself available via skype prior to testing. You can't find a more genuine caring person. I give her 5 stars!!! Thank You Allison and God Bless You!!!

Joyce C. from Commack, NY

She is an excellent tutor, I am finally getting the study help I need to be successful. She explains the material in a clinical scenario that I don't think a lot of professors emphasize enough in lecture or even in clinical. And she makes the material easier to understand. Overall, I was very impressed and would like to continue to work with her.

Deirdra K. from Farmingdale, NY

I am not a science major! I took a BIO Human Body/Health & Disease class and was horrible at it. Found Allison through Wyzant and we started up tutoring right away for rest of the semester! I understood concepts and science terms 100% better after the first lesson. She cleared so much confusion for me. As a freshman at college, she gave me a clear path on how to study and a good way to recall tons of information. She a nice person, a dedicated tutor, and is committed to students, her family, and learning.

Stephanie H. from Patchogue, NY

Allison is an amazing tutor and person. When I wrote her the initial e-mail at 2am (not sleeping from stress) she responded early that morning. I decided to set up a session with her and her schedule was very flexible to meet my needs. She has been extremely helpful in getting me back on track in my nursing program. She is very knowledgeable and has been able to assist with any problem I have had with studying, projects, papers, teaching plans, and concept maps. She has built my confidence up tremendously with her constant encouragement and her warm, caring and bubbly personality. Since I started my tutoring sessions with Allison I finally feel like I am getting back on track with all of the work that I had fallen behind on and the remaining workload does not seem as overwhelming. I don't know what I would have done without her.

Kendra F. from Ronkonkoma, NY

Allison was a pleasure, open and giving with her apparent expertise and knowledge. This avenue for preparing for the TEAS testing will prove to be too costly for me. I have decided to postpone my decision for a years time to explore the possibility that the union will pay for a formal class, through a qualified nursing school. Should the financing become available for me, I would return to WyzAnt and request Allison, without hesitation. I would encourage anyone needing tutoring, especially those with a goal towards obtaining a nursing degree, to choose Allison!

Lauren U. from Huntington, NY

I cannot imagine a better tutor. Dr. B was extremely helpful and really cared about making sure I understood each and every concept we covered. Her knowledge of genetics is very impressive and she has a way of removing confusion from the difficult concepts in this field. Not only is Dr. B a very smart and helpful tutor, but she is a very warm person. I never felt uncomfortable with asking questions or asking her to go over things again. You can tell her main goal is student comprehension and satisfaction. I recommend her highly and will definitely be using her services again!

Allegra H. from Virginia Beach, VA

This is an excellent tutor and a wonderful person. She empowers you to feel confident about the content. Her infectious passion for nursing is inspiring and contagious. I am and will continue to call on Dr. B for support and help with my studies.

Michael D. from Milford, CT

Allison is a wonderful, caring tutor that is able to quickly identify one's needs and guide them to success. She will be able to mold your thought process to allow you to reach the end goal. Time constraints are not an issue with Allison for she will stay with you until you have mastered the lesson for that day. She is very professional, extremely learned, and an absolute sweet heart. It is because of her that I was able to pass my NCLEX-RN board exam with ease and will surely be asking her for help again when I am preparing for my continuing education exams. Wyzant should add extra stars for Allison because five simply is not enough.

Debbie H. from Hauppauge, NY

Dr. B. has been awesome. I lost confidence in nursing school in my last semester and so far, she has been instrumental in regaining my confidence to succeed in my nursing program. She is a pleasure to work with, is prepared and wants you to succeed. I look forward to my sessions with Dr. B because she makes it challenging and truly believes in what she does. I trust that she will be with me through the NCLEX and I appreciate having someone like her on my side every step of the way.

Stephanie D. from Portland, ME

Allison tutored me for NCLEX, after I did not pass several times. She is very specific in the content that I needed to know to pass my exam. She knows how to teach things in a way that you will remember it. She has very flexible hours and wants to see everyone succeed. I would recommend her to anyone looking for NCLEX or nursing school help.

Michele S. from Wappingers Falls, NY

Allison is extremely knowledgeable. Exceptional at what she does. Have had a lot of tutor helping me along my journey who are very very good. Allison is exceptional. Cannot want to get back working with her.

Scott F. from Plainview, NY

Allison is an excellent tutor. She knows and has an infinite amount of knowledge of nursing and healthcare in general. I would recommend her to anyone at any level of a nursing program or those who are desiring to become nursing majors. She is really nice and helps to ease the anxiety many nursing students have.

Katelyn B. from Huntington, NY

Allison is the most kind and patient tutor! I graduated from a great college but lacked in the right skills and information in order to pass the NCLEX. She brought my skills of critical thinking and confidence to level I needed in order to be successful on the NCLEX. This test is a beast of a test but with the right mind set and help from Allison it is possible!!! She will do anything she can to help you reach your goal! I can't thank her enough for all the knowledge and nursing skills she has taught me. Yes she helped me pass the MOST important test of my life but helped me learn how to be a confident and caring nurse.