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All Ages, English, History, Politics and Government

As a tutor and teacher I found that low academic confidence often impedes student success. My lessons are designed to instill confidence in students so they are no longer devastated by mistakes, which are part a crucial part of learning. I taught English in China for one semester and developed a love of teaching, tutoring, and mentoring. I was a Peer Instructor for one semester and taught freshmen students successful study habits, organizational skills, team work, and time management. As ...

American history


As part of my undergraduate degree in religious studies I was required to take anthropology courses. I studied biological anthropology, non-Western cultures/Anthropology 241, and archaeology, which is a sub-field of anthropology. I also pursued cultural anthropology studies in China for one semester.


I tutored Ancient History, which overlaps into the field of Classics. I passed Classics 101 in college with an A. I took two years of Latin in college and high school, which covered numerous stories and legends influential in the field of Classics.

elementary science




study skills

I taught College Success 101 for incoming college freshmen. I did not teach a one-type fits all success to studying. I interacted with students one-on-one to establish if their learning styles. I also taught note taking strategies and time management as critical components of academic success. I also introduced the use of games, flash cards, and coordinated group study sessions to ensure success through different methods of study.



world history


Publications: "Self-determination in the People's Republic of China: Elite Responses" and "Family Planning and Human Trafficking in China" Experience: 2 years writing and editing as a graduate assistant for Wright State University

political science

I have a Master of Arts in Interntional and Comparative Politics. I taught Model United Nations for one year at the collegiate level. I volunteer at Model United Nations conferences directing and chairing committees to simulate the work of the United Nations. My work as a graduate student is published in the field of political science.


I taught IELTS in China. I used the IELTS preparatory book and ensured that each student completed exercises in accordance with ability. Numerous students passed the IELTS and were approved for study in the United States.