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Experienced English Teacher to Help You Succeed

Greetings! I am a licensed and experienced teacher whose aim is to help students reach their academic goals. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in teaching. While in college, I studied in England to learn more about Shakespeare's works. I have taught creative writing, oral expression, and both American and British literature. I also have taught an American history course through Kenyon College. I approach students with a sense of empathy and try to find what...


I am familiar with the Praxis Series tests, because I am a licensed integrated language arts teacher. I took the subject test for English and the written test for teaching methods and earned high marks on both. I have a strong background in literature and best practices in teaching, which are large areas assessed on the tests.


When I was training to become a teacher in college, some of the courses I took covered how to best assist students with autism in our classrooms. I learned through academic readings and lectures how to best help students with mild autism in the regular education classroom. In addition to my college training, I worked as a special education paraprofessional in a classroom with several students with autism. There I learned that the best way to assist autistic students is to use Applied Behavioral Analysis, which is serving a student in the environment that he or she is most comfortable and focusing on his or her strengths to bring about success.


While in college, I took courses to prepare me for the special needs students that I would have in my classroom. These courses discussed ADHD and how to best help a student with the disorder. I have had students in my classroom who were ADHD and I currently tutor two students who have ADHD. I have had great success with them, particularly helping them to get organized and structured in their approach to school and learning. I know that the ADD/ADHD student thinks through things differently than the average person and I am able to help the student navigate his/her thought processes to become successful.

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I am a licensed teacher in integrated language arts. This certification includes teaching theatre. I have taken college courses about theater, including studying Shakespeare's plays at Bath Spa University in England. I have taught theatre, assisted in directing several productions, and am a supporter of local theater companies.

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