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Computer Science Tutor: Java, C/C++, or any language or topic needed

I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science and I have been programming for more than 20 years in a variety of computer languages. I have taught introductory level programming courses in both Java and C/C++ at the college level. I can help prepare high school students for the AP Computer Science exams, both the current AP Computer Science A exam and the new AP Computer Science Principles exam being introduced for 2016 . I believe the best way to learn programming concepts...





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Don C. from Wayne, PA

Juliet is awesome. If it wasn't for her I am not sure I would have been able to get through my online JAVA class this summer.

Jill M. from Wayne, PA

Juliet is an excellent tutor and determined that the course at Villanova was poorly constructed. My student was not given proper instruction to do the labs, thus Juliet said she was unable to help and that there would be no fee for the session.

Felicia D. from West Chester, PA

I had an amazing session with Juliet. I will continue to meet with her and I have recommended her to all of my friends. She is very patient and understanding and she knows how to explain everything really well. I could not have gotten a better tutor!!

Dan C. from West Chester, PA

My lesson with Juliet went incredibly well. We went through an assignment I had dealing with data type conversion and analysis. I had some problems with my code, and I didn't understand where the problems were stemming from. Juliet was able to break my problems down to the simplest form to show how the program was operating. We then performed troubleshooting on the simple form of my problem, and after fixing the issue, built it back up to fix the problem in my code. Juliet was very accommodating. I contacted her only a few days prior to when we actually met, but she was able to work with me to find a time to meet. She was able to meet me at a convenient location and was on time. Juliet was very easy to understand and was able to clearly point out what I was doing correctly and what I wasn't. After our meeting, I feel far more confident in my ability to write code. I would recommend Juliet as a tutor to anyone needing programming help

Jackie W. from Landenberg, PA

Very flexible - met with me on short notice. Extremely knowledgeable and good at teaching. Great with both basics and advanced topics. Highly recommend!

Michael J. from Lancaster, PA

I met with Juliet for my first lesson. It went well. She was ready for any questions I had and was very knowledgeable of the subject matter.

Richard T. from Devon, PA

Juliet has worked w/ our twin 15 1/2 yo daughters as they seek to hone their programming skills. Her guidance with them has been terrific as she can provide a very broad based overview of problems and subjects given her own extensive computer science background but she can also help with "nuts and bolts" issues as well. What I've especially liked is her teaching style which encourages the student to think through and work out problems and ideas themselves so they learn more rather than just giving a hard and fast answer. A+++

Martin I. from Douglassville, PA

Julie helped me remember a lot in a short amount of time. Things make a little more sense in just 1 short hour. I look forward to meeting with her again.

Michele S. from Wilmington, DE

Juliet is extremely knowledgable about the subject material. She explains things so they are easy to understand. The session was very helpful.